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Related note, here is an interesting article from Outside on the membrane battles. I think I may have first come across it on sufu, but just occasionally lurk and don't post there at all. Own Veilance, WM, and a Nanamica mac. Oh, and a Westcomb for taking out the garbage . Can't justify an acronym, although I do have a messenger.
So I did grab those Guidis from re-porter. They arrived today and certainly look Nwob to me as was indicated in the listing. Great buying experience with Graham as well, echoing what some of you already experienced. Also, thanks to Eck for his sizing advice offline on Guidi. Fit is spot-on.
^^ Please do me a favor and pop by Free Times Cafe nearby and have a sandwich made from Goldin's and report back. I'm a year removed from the GTA, and possibly the best smoked meat I've ever had in Goldin's (I used to buy deckles directly from the man himself, but most people probably only want a sandwich).
Hmm....not sure if you're referring to the La Paradeta chain. Counter service, right? It was really good though. Had five types of seafood (choose by quantity or weight), simply cooked, and a bottle of cava for ~50 EurosFckers changed the game day during my trip last year (we had tix) so I missed out on the full experience. I think they played Getafe, so it was a bushwacking anyways, but still....Ok, that's it for my thread derailing.
I ate at Pinotxo 3x during my trip last year. Veal cheeks and butifarra for breakfast? Yes. And adding to the off-topic, Tapas 24 on Diputació for some refined if pricey tapas. It seems to be a bit of a polarizing place, but I enjoyed it.
Probably dealing with backlog from the free shipping offer last week. I'm waiting as well, not really concerned as they're a good bunch.
Would you hit it, for $595? http://re-porter.ca/shoes/horse-leather-desert-boot Actually, has anyone here ordered from re-porter and willing to comment on the experience?
Toss up
Good article. Had read plenty about this guy during his higher flying days. Here's the link to that wine berserker thread.
New Posts  All Forums: