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You didn't indicate if these are required to be safety boots with steel toes, etc. If not, I question this usefulness of this policy, but it sure makes for better looking choices. If so, this probably limits your options. Personally, I'd probably just get some Blundstone safety boots and be done with it (or keep them at your desk / car). In a prior lifetime, I had a job that required a lot of field work, and I remember having steel toed dress shoes. Didn't really...
All things point to Lidstrom announcing his retirement in 20 minutes. Not surprising, but thanks for the memories to an all time great. Oh, and watched parts of Game 1. Ugh
Yep, western Canada. Hanon deducted VAT and was 'friendly' regarding the customs part of your q. An important factor -- they used domestic mail vs. say Fedex or UPS, so it came through Canada Post with no customs. This was my experience with a few orders, and I would venture if Canada Post even paid attention, the charge would still be minimal.
I believe some models of Acr's bags like the 5TS have gone through iterations with fabric / design tweaks over the past few years and have been made by Bagjack over that period. I happen to like most of their bags, but can see how they may not be as attractive to some peeps.
Slightly OT, but still in the technical theme. I posted about this in another thread, but Bagjack makes some great looking messengers. Check out the features of the Next Level Messenger. It's no wonder Errolson Hugh chose to partner with them to produce some of Acr's bags. I was hot on this Bagjack but wound up getting an Acr 5TS. Btw, there are some good dealers for Acr in N. America like Haven, but I ordered through Hanon. They're good to deal with too, and the...
You are correct sir (I found this thing but didn't even notice the source). Link:
Don't this has been posted yet. Here's an interview with the man himself from a while back.I don't think it's mentioned in the clip, but in another article he's apparently done some stuff with Arcteryx too, and considers them the shit: “Arc’teryx products are the Hermès bags of men’s performance wear,” declared ­Errolson Hugh, the chief designer of ACRONYM, a sporadic Arc’teryx colla­borator and one of the pioneers of the field. “They embody a fanatic level of...
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I have made it less than 5x, and while I enjoyed the results, have always reflected on the effort afterwards (buttermilk soaked, double-dipped, shallow fry, clean up etc etc). I do mainly karaage now, which is simpler obviously, but not what we're talking about here.
If I'm to be honest, I love the one WM piece I have (a tweed / Gore winter jacket) but otherwise am not too crazy about the most recent collections. I'm somewhat disappointed they discontinued the Blk line :I has a sad: But this could also be attributable to my recent monochromatic, i.e. boring preferences.
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