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Gang of Four Cheese Rigatoni
BLT. Rex
James Brownies (i'm sure this has been already posted)
Carne Wilson (get it get it)
Moo Shu Bjork
Bronski Beets
I'm posting here without comment but have a look at this one. I'm sure if you posted in CE your question could garner vastly differing opinions. (I'm not up on current sourcing for either Vass or C&J, you should check out the MC side for that; but these Vass look did say not too concerned with price )
LOL....last month, I actually had my shopping cart on bagjacks site filled with the Next Level Messenger, a laptop sleeve, AND one of these umbrellas. But went with an Acr as I mentioned before. For those who still think that bagjack is ugly, I kind of agree on the grey, and was considering it in straight black which looked much better to me.
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