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Private sale at Serpentine, deleted the email already but think it was 20% and up on certain lines. They don't do internet orders, so this is probably easiest for those in the Toronto area who can drop by the store. Or, if you are located elsewhere but are familiar with their brands and models you can call them (a lot of their offerings can be seen through the News or Blog sections of the site).
These really are outstanding looking products. I currently have some, um, priorities shall we say underway (more in the Baller boot / shoe category) but will be monitoring with interest as the procurement for us across the Pacific gets developed.
Young MC bass
The Stone Bowl Roses
Steelers Wheel of Queso
Fiona Apple Tart. Probably a line about cutting itself, but I won't go there.
Kate's Bush
Gang of Four Cheese Rigatoni
BLT. Rex
James Brownies (i'm sure this has been already posted)
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