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Good q. Certainly no one would be set back, other than financially, by owning any of these, but for instance my first recent foray into IH showed me that super heavyweight denim is just not my thing. So the baseline we're talking about is pretty high, and overall the KMW just hits that sweet spot for me that you're getting at with this threadAs for its standing, yeah maybe that was just me. Materials and construction-wise, nothing has given out in the 4 years I've...
Off the top of my head... Baracuta G9. Not sure I need to add much there. KMW 1980's. My most beat up but comfortable jeans. I have Roys, FH, PBJ and IH, but I keep going back to the KMW's even though on the denim ladder they are prob considered a notch below the others.
Possibly tl;dr but I thought this was funny. Even though another Clasico-filled season is over and Spain is on the very of starting their Euro 12 campaign, Barcelona midfield wizard Xavi has decided to prod the Real Madrid v Barcelona tensions over a lack of adequate congratulations. In the past, Xavi has grumbled about Real Madrid's style of play and how he thinks Barca are under-appreciated within Spain, but this might be his silliest complaint yet. From...
Private sale at Serpentine, deleted the email already but think it was 20% and up on certain lines. They don't do internet orders, so this is probably easiest for those in the Toronto area who can drop by the store. Or, if you are located elsewhere but are familiar with their brands and models you can call them (a lot of their offerings can be seen through the News or Blog sections of the site).
These really are outstanding looking products. I currently have some, um, priorities shall we say underway (more in the Baller boot / shoe category) but will be monitoring with interest as the procurement for us across the Pacific gets developed.
Young MC bass
The Stone Bowl Roses
Steelers Wheel of Queso
Fiona Apple Tart. Probably a line about cutting itself, but I won't go there.
Kate's Bush
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