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Herno Laminar now available: http://havenshop.ca/the_latest_news/introducing-herno-laminar/ Prices seem reasonable but I've not seen any of these in person yet. That Short Coat could fit a nice void in my tech collection. Related to Mr. Hugh, I know the lukewarm feeling towards some of Acr's bag collection, but apparently this upcoming season will be the last for those done in collab with Bagjack.
I'd been to Ossington at least 10 times before leaving the GTA. And aside from fall / winter, I always found it hotter than fuck in there. Seriously, I've had 5pm dinners there just to avoid the collective build-up of body and restaurant heat that just mugs you later in the evenings. I swore there were ac ducts in there. Anyways, damn good pies.
Cool. Where did you order from again? And it's the Senz mini you got, correct? Reminder to self I still need one. Edit -- found your earlier post. I see what you mean re: stick vs. pocket (I was still thinking of the pocket version to toss into my bag). Did you get it straight from Senz then?
Yeah, general availability is not a huge issue for me either, but this is what I was used to last year, for $4 less a lb: At the other extreme, and not really a representative example I know, but I was at Whole Foods on the weekend and saw a young urban couple asking for a puny bag of tails only. The look they gave each other was something when the seafood clerk told them it would be $53.
I have noticed around my parts that spot prawns are priced higher but don't look as vibrant compared to prior years. I read a stat somewhere that ~70% of B.C. spot prawns are exported to Japan. I wonder if the proportion exported has increased, and expanded to other markets like China. In any case, I've eaten far less of them this year.
Don't know where he got his, but Haven has it for 30% off with smaller sizes left. Good looking jacket.
Haven spring sale. Jesus, I never realized how many products these guys have. Looks like 30% off most of their stuff, excluding Acr.
One more piece I want to write about: W+H zip cardigan from 2009. I have one each in grey and navy, and wear them a ton both in and out of the house. I've picked up some loopwheeler pieces and a Cabourn clip jacket in the past year, and these are a significantly lower pricepoint but I just love them. Pic borrowed from Johnathan + Olivia.
Good q. Certainly no one would be set back, other than financially, by owning any of these, but for instance my first recent foray into IH showed me that super heavyweight denim is just not my thing. So the baseline we're talking about is pretty high, and overall the KMW just hits that sweet spot for me that you're getting at with this threadAs for its standing, yeah maybe that was just me. Materials and construction-wise, nothing has given out in the 4 years I've...
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