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I searched but did't see any previous references (apologies if there are), so would appreciate any sizing feedback on this model: I'm generally a 41 in most MC and SW shoe brands ranging from sneakers to derbies and oxfords. Thanks!
RIP Johan Cruyff. Top 3-4 all time great. Video is a few years old but a good snapshot on a remarkable career spanning player, manager and influencer.
Good buy. Have had mine for 3 months and appreciate them more each time (although the natural hue surprised me at first, most pics come off as more off-white). I take a 41 in most SWD brands and got the 4. Hope they work out for you.
Not sure if posted yet, but Mascherano really busted his ass on that potentially match-saving tackle
8883.3 + 6 + 3.5 = 8892.8
8271.7 + 4.3 = 8276
8158.3 + 87 = 8245.3 Just noticed thread (and long time since last post). That's my measly ytd runtastic log. Have had several long layoffs in 2013 but planning to pick it up again for 12-15+ weekly.
As a vancouverite, you should be ashamed you're asking this question In all seriousness, if you are new to this world, I suggest hitting the Broadway corridor between Main and Cambie. You'll find a lot of the 'regular' technical lines in Hendrix's first post and can handle different jackets - you have MEC of course, and Valhalla for example is a decent store carrying several brands. That said, if you don't want to look like every other sloppy Vancouverite in MEC, do as...
I've gone up to 1/2 distances too in the LT2 with no issues, but would concur re: the durability. In fact, my Gyakusous now have a full fledged hole in the right toebox, and developing one on the left. That was after about 300km, which was probably time to swap them out anyways. My second pair (regular LT2's) haven't yet, but I wouldn't be surprised when I log more mileage.I also noticed the Flyknits and R3 on running room's site. With tax that puts them > $200. Not...
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