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Wow 20-25%? I usually tip 15% unless the service was extremely good. On the other hand, I still tip 15% unless the service was extremely bad as well.
Haha I was wondering about the paucity in responses; I just assumed Restaurant Week was the same week everywhere. Mark from Plano, thanks for the Suze recommendation. Have you ever tried The Grape? Very nice, good food, ideal for female companionship.
Downtown Dallas, while the absolute pits, still has the flagship HQ for Neiman Marcus. It's a beautiful store right in the middle of downtown that is six-stories high, I believe. Are you a big fan of malls and retail centers? I am too, if only to see the people that mill around them. This weekend was tax-free weekend on clothing items, so every retail outlet was packed. I went to an outlet mall called Grapevine Mills, and the enormous crowds milling around were truly...
Anybody indulging themselves during Restaurant Week? I'm hitting up III Forks, Stephan Pyles, The French Room, Mi Piaci (old fave), and trying to get reservations for The Gallery (Dean Fearing's new place after he left The Mansion).
Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface A whole forum. . . dedicated to purses. I'm nonplussed.
Sex and the City Grey's Anatomy
1. Fry's - the sinkhole of electronics superstores that regularly employs people with sparse language skills or sketchy backgrounds. Years after I left, I found out that one of the supervisors was nailed on pedophilia-related charges. I also knew a guy that dropped out of highschool and worked at Fry's as a computer salesman, much like a used-car salesmen. I didn't even know computers required salesmen, to be honest. 2. Fossil - selling watches at the Dallas Galleria....
Is a negroni girly? I usually order a negroni at Italian places (though not in a martini glass). I suppose an Americano is even girlier.
Quote: Originally Posted by tsloop I just moved from Cali to Garland, Tx and all I have to say is damn, there is a lot of girls here. Plus, I love all of the girls with their accents. Garland is my hometown, and I live about twenty minutes away near the NorthPark area. I've heard this from several people: Texas always has good looking women. When I was in Columbus, I saw maybe two or three all week. Coming from Texas, this was truly jarring....
Did you guys ever play that old computer game Thief and Thief II? One of my old-school favorites that uses the steampunk aesthetic exceedingly well.
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