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Dude did you talk to me today? I thought you worked at the Mary Kay building up in Addison.In any case, these people are idiots.HOOK'EM
This show was always at its best when it was Walter and Jesse in an impossible situation that required a desperately brilliant solution by Walter to get them through. Now that it's just Walter, I have a feeling he is going to pull something badass and just pimp the shit out of Gus in a way that only Walter White can pull off.
I just shit my pants.
First Mayweather fucks Ortiz up. Now Gus fucks the entire Mexican cartel? Man, fuck Mexicans!
And Gus' thorough bitch slapping of Uncle Tio was delicious.
Gus has been my favorite character since his first appearance in season 2. I'm glad he defused the DEA investigation, if only for a little bit. I can't wait to see him mop the floor with the damn dirty Mexican cartel!
I can cynically imagine a really hot chick, very glamorous, blonde, blue eyes, nice car, big sunglasses, Louboutins, saying, "Breast cancer is so hot right now."
^^ Don't dispute any of that, but doesn't it feel like they've hit the saturation point by now? In Sex and the City, Samantha's the one character that comes down with a serious disease, and what is it? Breast cancer. I think that show even managed to mix in haute couture and breast cancer in an episode. On The L Word, the one lesbo that dies of a disease, and what is it? Breast cancer. (I had a gf that was really into these girly premium cable shows) I guess what I'm...
Breast cancer is surely a serious problem that kills many people ever year (including men). I personally am friends with two girls that lost their mothers due to breast cancer. I don't want to undermine or demean the disease at all, having witnessed the effects personally. That being said, have you guys noticed that breast cancer is like the disease du jour? It feels like any time there's a charity or benefit, from the chicks in my office doing a wine tasting fundraiser...
Gus has flown under the radar for decades, and Hank puts it all together in a few days? Sherlock Holmes over here.
New Posts  All Forums: