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Hmm that is interesting. Are you saying that politicians use legislation/regulation intentionally to force corporations to send lobbyists to Washington and bribe those same politicians to get around their own regulation?
Whoa calm down, reading champ. Read the bolded words again but with different emphasis on different words. I'm saying it's a shame that he killed someone and paid for it by being confined in prison because it's such a pointless waste. His life would have been better if he hadn't killed someone 10 years ago. It's like if I was saying "It's a shame HItler became a Nazi rather than an artist. Things would have been different."BTW, here's the same video but overlaid with music!
I'm impressed by your practiced blindness. As I've grown older and become an adult in the workplace, I've sadly realized that your lack of self-reflection is actually common and almost expected. It's disappointing, I gotta say, but a fact of life I just have to accept I guess.I only pointed out that you somehow managed to see a political spin on this story and how asinine that is. But you ignore that and go straight to the ad-hominem with the "how can you even hire this...
Man I was wondering who would be the first to pull the political liberal vs. conservative you-can-thank-this-Obama-administration card. Haha human nature is a such a predictable, sad thing.For what it's worth, the murder got downgraded to manslaughter after the jury deadlocked. But let me guess, that's just a liberal equivocation to appease black folks. There's simply no gray area between different types of killing, right? Crack is the same as marijuana too, I suppose.
Seriously. I wonder if the fatass blond contributed to the charges by playing the hysterical eyewitness. Where was she when the two victims were getting slap happy and jumping the counter? Her mouth was too full of fries and McNuggets to yell STOP then, I suppose.
I'm betting this dude gets only a couple years in prison, maybe a plea down from the felony assault and weapons charge. It's a shame he's already wasted his twenties in a prison for a manslaughter conviction. Maybe he could be a walk-on to the Yankees? Or at least do minor league?
Meet Rayon McIntosh, who decided to supersize two obnoxious bitches that slapped him and climbed over the counter. Here's the video if you don't feel like reading the article: Clearly not a case of justified self-defense after he continued beating them when they were already down. Even still, I feel sorry for this guy. He just got out of prison this year only to go back inside for this bullshit. I'm sure he learned in prison that you don't stop fighting after your...
You guys want to see a disconcerting clip? Here's Maurice Levy getting pimped out by Arby's.
Don't fuck with Heisenberg.
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