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Blue Hat is the hero McDonald's deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll tell him to stop because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a frier of potatoes, a watchful protector. A dark skinned guy who works´╗┐ at night.
You know, there could be an argument made that this is actually when keeping it real goes RIGHT.Those two bitches just wanted some salt, not ASSAULT.
I was once at a strip club and asked a waitress to change me a $20 into 20 $1 bills. She came back in a few minutes and gave me twenty singles, and I put them in my pocket. Then she stood there and blatantly demanded a tip. I gave her $1 because I was part of a bachelor party and didn't want to to be the guy that starts shit. But come on!
No love for the third video? The McNugget Rampage cracks me up everytime. Here's the article. My favorite part is when she attempts to climb through the window but quickly realizes she's too fat and gives up.
As a side note, what's up with black chicks going crazy at fast food restaurants? I can only conclude that Michelle Obama is a powerful role model that all black women look up to, and her campaign against unhealthy fast food has touched off some kind of trend. Like how Jacqueline Kennedy became the fashion icon role model for all white ladies back in the Sixties. And why do they keep getting caught on video? Well here's a white chick going nuts over some...
Attempted murder? He's only got a felony assault charge. That plea bargains down to what? Misdemeanor assault?
If you watch it closely, one of the girls tries to get back up and gets whack-a-mole'd back down. With a decent attorney, maybe this guy walks.....
"You know guys, it's not beyond my capacity to drive a lead pipe repeatedly into a girl's vagina."
Actually, this is the current events, power, and money forum. I don't really think of this as "the politics forum." It's like Drudge with better commentary to me.I honestly can't comprehend what you're saying here. I meant I'd hire the guy just like McDonald's did, not after watching this video. We'll see if he's convicted or not.
^ Because I think that would make a really good movie. Like a Sen. Clay Davis reality show.
New Posts  All Forums: