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Hey may have a colorful cousin named Crayon.
I can't offer anything constructive, but I will say that you are not alone. I'm only a couple years older than you, but I feel like I've basically wasted my twenties staring at spreadsheets and placating people I couldn't give a fuck about. You're still young, and you're fully conscious of your situation unlike most people in your bling bling wanna-get-laid demographic. There're some smart people on this board, take their advice. But don't be so hard on yourself; things...
Dang that's me haha. I like to think I'm an exception to the rule.Hopefully.
Being Chinese myself and growing up around Chinese people (in the US - Texas specifically), I have to say, I'm not completely surprised. Asians in general and Chinese people specifically have been the biggest assholes I've ever encountered. And I'm talking about ones that were born and raised in the US. I can only imagine what the Chinese people in China are like.
^ I'm glad they finally clarified which one suffered which wound. I'm even gladder it was the cap wearing manly one that got the skull fracture. I LOL'd when "she" swaggered behind the counter after Rayon like some hardass. She wants to act like a man, she's gonna get treated like one. I would have loved to see the look on their faces right before the metal rod came down. It would have been a perfect meme for all sorts of quotes. Brain damage? Couldn't have been too much...
You wipe your ass with Franklins?
You have obviously never gone to a strip club. The singles are used to tip girls that are on stage. Twenties are for actual lap dances. Dumbass.
That's not exactly the kind of story I had in mind. Some guys I work with doing computer forensics for a large company say they routinely run across child porn in the most random places (like corporate offices).
Damn seriously?I always wanted to be a criminal defense attorney, though I'm sure my impressions are tainted by media portrayals. I know it's probably not as glamorous or crazy as it ever seems on TV/movies.Even still, you must have some crazyass stories! I would do it just for the stories.
I honestly wish I was a millionaire specifically to bail this dude out of jail and get him a dream team defense. I'd resurrect Johnnie fucking Cochrane.
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