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I'm sorry, I meant OTR. I'm very tired today
I recently moved back to Dallas and am not really familiar with the area's sartorial qualities. How do I go about finding a good, respectable tailor? I would just use Yellow Pages, but I don't want to end up with some fashionista dropout that thinks he's good with a pair of scissors and steady hands. Who do I even go about asking to locate a good tailor? Any thoughts?
I've recently been hunting for an MTM suit. However, everything I've looked at has keyhole-shaped lapel buttons. Not a single one has the straight-cut style that I greatly prefer. Has anybody had any luck finding one without the keyhole style? On another note, I've had difficulty finding an MTM with functioning buttonholes. I know this may be asking for a little much without going bespoke, but I remember seeing some jackets by Zara and Kuhlman that actually had...
I recently went to a party where the majority of people were either smoking cigars or cigarettes, myself included (Montecristo). Unfortunately, I noticed today that my favorite Hermes tie now smells like smoke. Is there any way to de-odorize this tie without ruining the fabric or the shape of the tie? I'd like to stay away from dry cleaning my tie, because I've heard ties lose their sheen after dry-cleaning. Things like Febreze are obviously out of the question as well,...
Hey all, I'm a new member here so please forgive me. I'm currently just an undergraduate double-majoring in economics and finance. I should graduate by this time next year. Anybody here involved in these fields care to share some advice in regards to how to go about getting a job in an investment bank? I was thinking more along the lines of Goldman Sachs or PIMCO or something like that. Honestly, I just want lots of money Any help would be much appreciated!
Hey guys, I'm new here so please forgive me. I just secured an appointment with Tom Mahon for my first bespoke suit. I was just wondering what the etiquette was in terms of what I wear when I go in, tips, etc.? Any advice?
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