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I can't offer anything constructive, but I will say that you are not alone. I'm only a couple years older than you, but I feel like I've basically wasted my twenties staring at spreadsheets and placating people I couldn't give a fuck about. You're still young, and you're fully conscious of your situation unlike most people in your bling bling wanna-get-laid demographic. There're some smart people on this board, take their advice. But don't be so hard on yourself; things...
You guys want to see a disconcerting clip? Here's Maurice Levy getting pimped out by Arby's.
Don't fuck with Heisenberg.
This show was always at its best when it was Walter and Jesse in an impossible situation that required a desperately brilliant solution by Walter to get them through. Now that it's just Walter, I have a feeling he is going to pull something badass and just pimp the shit out of Gus in a way that only Walter White can pull off.
I just shit my pants.
First Mayweather fucks Ortiz up. Now Gus fucks the entire Mexican cartel? Man, fuck Mexicans!
And Gus' thorough bitch slapping of Uncle Tio was delicious.
Gus has been my favorite character since his first appearance in season 2. I'm glad he defused the DEA investigation, if only for a little bit. I can't wait to see him mop the floor with the damn dirty Mexican cartel!
I can cynically imagine a really hot chick, very glamorous, blonde, blue eyes, nice car, big sunglasses, Louboutins, saying, "Breast cancer is so hot right now."
^^ Don't dispute any of that, but doesn't it feel like they've hit the saturation point by now? In Sex and the City, Samantha's the one character that comes down with a serious disease, and what is it? Breast cancer. I think that show even managed to mix in haute couture and breast cancer in an episode. On The L Word, the one lesbo that dies of a disease, and what is it? Breast cancer. (I had a gf that was really into these girly premium cable shows) I guess what I'm...
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