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She's wearing a big piece of bling on her wedding finger. Poor guy getting cuckolded by a 13-year old.
Here's Lil' Miss Skull Fracture:
Rangel doesn't hold a candle to my boy John Murtha! He really went nuts with it.
Man I don't think anybody could have articulated this better. You hit the nail right on the head.
This just in: Paterno has been fired. He had a chance to resign and at least walk out but pathetically offered to leave at the end of the season instead. The amount of hubris here is unbelievable. Apparently he still couldn't grasp that nobody, not even Penn State, gives a fuck about football when the crime is this grave. What a fuckin legacy to leave behind.
A tax partner at Grant Thornton (small accounting firm) here in Dallas made a lot of money doing this. His father was a judge, so he used his father's connections to retired judges and set up a shitty law school that he called the "DFW School of Law." He actually bragged about how there was no shortage of students because there was no LSAT minimum standard. They took in anyone with a pulse and made plenty of money.He cashed out when an equally shitty school in Ft. Worth --...
It may be the same thing over and over again, but this looks great. I always enjoyed the beautiful cities they created, with GTA IV being nothing short of magnificent. Liberty City wasn't as big, but it was incredibly rich with details and interiors (finally). I can't wait to see how they improved it this time around Dare I say it...... DESTRUCTIVE ENVIRONMENTS??
Right, I don't think the two are mutually exclusive.
Interesting viewpoint. My take on Marlo is that he symbolizes the next generation. First there were predecessors like Avon's father and the litany of guys Stringer named off when he was trying to reason with Marlo in Season 3. Then there was the enterprising Barksdales and Prop Joe. Their downfall was in trying to be "gentlemen" criminals, not in the sense that they eschewed violence, but that they pretended to be better than they really were. Of course, this is what made...
This happened to me one time, long ago while I was still in college. A Pakistani, possibly Indian, guy in his twenties tried to recruit me by presenting it as his "company" that was looking for people. Being a bored student, I took him up on it. The first meeting went fine because it was only ten minutes, and he drew me some bullshit graphs that I wrote off as part of a practicede preamble. Then he invited me to a meeting at a two-star hotel conference room located near...
New Posts  All Forums: