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Dang not a single response except MIss Sassy SissySlap, who proceeded to delete his own comment after a few minutes: Anybody have any advice on eating alone in NYC at least? Can I just stroll into high caliber places like Per Se, Eleven Madison Park, or Masa and reasonably expect to snag a barstool? Or should I really call ahead and get a reservation?
It turns out I'll be alone on my birthday, so I decided to take a sojourn to NYC. I'm planning out my itinerary now, and I want to maximize my NYC experience. Coming as a kid that grew up in Texas, I've always put NYC on a pedestal. Any tips from locals? I did have a few questions: 1. I'm thinking about doing a Sunday - Wednesday trip just so I can see the hustle and bustle of NYC as people go to work. Stupid idea? Is NYC during the weekend that much more fun? 2. I want...
BTW you mean "Madrigal" when you say "Meridian" right?
Very nice episode. My stomach was churning during the last scene. I kept thinking some cartel boys were about to walk up to Walt's doorstep or something. One thing though: couldn't Walt just say he picked that book up at a Half-Priced Bookstore or something? The WW initials is a little coincidental, but that's it. Now if this leads to Hank investigating how they bought the carwash and Walt's "blackjack winnings," well then......
Man, I can't believe with all the hate and praise for this film in this thread, there wasn't a single mention of the shameless Olympics promos.
The political overtones were a little heavy handed. Poor people -- your punishment must be more severe.
I'd give it an 8/10. Not bad, certainly better than Prometheus, but not nearly as good as Dark Knight. Instead of pointing out some of the flaws, I'll just say that it didn't have as big of an impact on me as #2. The best way I can summarize my feelings is that the Joker was a more compelling villain. Bane breaks Batman's ass like a little boy, tosses him into a pit, and blows shit Gotham up. But it never really felt like Bane had defeated Batman (or even gotten one-up...
I'm disappointed in Ridley Scott. This movie wasn't bad, but it wasn't up to par either. I hope it was just a hiccup for Ridley, as his movies are usually well done. Then again, MIchael Mann did a couple of awesome movies only to slide into idiocy. Are these dudes just getting senile now?
Why do people like this show? Because the pussy be yankin'.
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