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Today. Cool but not like New England. Church. Family lunch. Sammy, HY (tie/pant), BB, C&J, Speedy, 649s, trainspotting
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 Nice pic/fit G. That toggle sweater is bossy!! tanks Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot Great casual looks! Everything seems very comfortable which is always important. Who is the maker of the chukkas? C&J? C&J Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Is it warm enough? Classic PG, looking good Quote: Originally Posted by...
Just because Went with the classic over the new SubC. Happy with the choice.
Retro Saturday
Great stuff above. Yesterday. Bunch o brown with gray.
Happy New Year SF Sun for the first time in a week. BC, Canvas, JCrew, Levis, JLC, Shoes BC (first wear)
Today's fail. The individual parts seemed reasonable. Thought I would try a bow with v-neck combo. Decided to stick with the earth-tones. Not so happy with this one. The combo of camera angle, puffy vest and baggy pants adds 20lbs. Oh, well. I'll keep trying. BC, JCrew, Alden Happier with this. Dinner with my bride. BB, JCrew, APC, Ferragamo
[quote=imatlas;3931378]At a minimum you need a better fold! /QUOTE] Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition Looking way better with your hands out of your pockets, KG. Also: sweet watch. Agreed, thank you. Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl sort of strange to see my favorite watch with this kind of strap... I sometimes struggle with comfort when the Speedy is on a bracelet....
Gnat, the bike is looking good. Wish I had the time to ride. And, yes. I need a diff. PS. JCrew, Dockers, Aldens, Speedy, Filson
General running around day. Tee and cardi probably not SF approved. Antlers may be... Belstaff (not as nice as Gnatty's), JCrew basics, APC, Aldens, (SD) And a bit of holiday fun with the neighbor's festive decorations. He had to move them to the back yard as they have been found in precarious positions in year's past. For the camera nerds. The first two shots were taken with the nikon 35mm/1:1.8. The last shot was taken with a Hassy 40mm hence the color...
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