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Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Boo! I think I'm too late for the Best Pitti! half taken just to show jamesbond I own a "different" jacket to my tweed. Lovely, great background as well. Lucky. Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Love the shoes [quote=Grayland;4071600] Quote: Originally Posted by KtownGreg [font="Courier New"][size="3"]One from last week....
Forecast: Rain. Couldn't bring myself to but on a SC. Mixing styles a bit. Not sure its successful. Slimmer pants? Beard coming back. Belstaff, HY, BB, Speedy on OD nato, C&J, BillyKirk, Reindeer.......priceless
One from last week. Bleh BB, HY, Sammy... But things were a bit better this weekend. Snuck away with my bride for an anniversary... APC (NYR two washes), JCrew, Aldens.
JCrew (binge), BB, HY, Shaggy bow, ExpI, Aldens
Quote: Originally Posted by NonServiam Great strap, which model? andreas sport
Channeling NYR with the cardi/jeans fit. J.Crew, HY, APC, Carmino, 1675 and... self-humiliating, militant, need more coffee, why is that reindeer still out shot
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Nice look, Greg. Details on the jacket and bow, please. Thank you. Jacket: J. Crew Yorkshire tweed, unlined, wears more like a sweater Bow: the Cordial Churchman. Made with love out of scraps in a nice ladies S.C. home. Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 jacket looks so soft Greg. bow is awesome, so is p/s, so are shoes, so is shirt...
Warming up down South JCrew, BB, secret bow, HY, C&J, SD
Common classic with unique twist
Thanks all. It (seadweller) wears comfortably on my 6.75 inch wrist.
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