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Beautiful sun today. Sammy (looks long due to low camera angle), BB, APCs, Alden, GO 60s (new strap)
Man, I can't wait to get home. Deets: Zegna, Crew, JFin., BC shoes, (GMTIIc). I know the pants are too big.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Awesome PS. How are your reindeer? ! Thank you. And, lonely. Quote: Originally Posted by someotherstyle KtownGreg I feel like you're killing it lately. Keep it up. Although I may consider losing those boots, chucking on some brogues. Not killing it but just trying different looks. Shoes? Check today's and Fri's posts. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Mix & Match Wednesday, yes the knot needs work. Details: Jcrew, HY, BB, JLC, Aldens, moleskine
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A Nice capture/perspective Quote: Originally Posted by jamesbond What denims? APC new STD 18mos perhaps 5 washes? Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye I like to imagine that knit sweater totally fills with bug guts when he rides down the road in it. Just adds character (jacket not shown) Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Very...
Just because it was cool today. 4 days in a row.
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw SC fabric looks interesting - is it patterned? Yes
A bit cool so I pulled out the wool turtle. Breaking in some new aldens.
6. 32L (20mm), 5mm thick and 24L (15mm), 4mm thick brown wood buttons, $1.5/pc. Blazer set, please. PM sent.
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