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Grabbed another diver. This one from my favorite manufacture. JLC Navy Seal Automatic, 42mm goodness. all shots taken with iPhone 4, not bad for a camera phone.
Chromexel chukka, antique edgetrim and double oiled leather waterlock sole Not sure about the last but grabbed them from LeatherSoul
Sloppy Thursday JCrew, Alden, Persols
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep You have your style absolutely nailed. You and your earthtones and bowties recall old school southern charm. BTW, can I have your motorcycle? Thank you. Keeping the bike for now. I need it for a big ride coming up in May. Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Nice stuff; you have zero'ed in on a style that's comfortable for you. The benefit of SF for me has been a...
Spring is heading this way. Perhaps last wear for this jacket. Sammy, hy, EGs, filson, ps curt of spoo, thank you
Prior to the deluge yesterday. Belstaff, BB, BTLtd...
New acquisition, Chinese pilot, small but interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A Sorry for the delay in no. 2 & 3 of the WAYW trading cards . . . Congrats. Blessings.
Rain. Poor light. JCrew, BB, HY, C&J, some Chinese pilot chrono... Illustrating the unflattering effects of a low camera angle.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats ^ Great outfit, great balance. The bow tie and the shoes are terrific. Quote: Originally Posted by TTO Thanks KTown, Another great look today, your consistently one of my favorite posters of late, keep up the inspiring ! Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism I really like this. Wow. Thanks all. Quote: Originally Posted by...
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