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Caught some of PG's rain today. Blustery Tues. Sporting the beard....again.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrChris SpooPoker - KtownGreg [/b]- Really nice color combination. That burgundy colored tie goes well with the sporst coat. Looks like a wool tie, details? [b][b] Howard Yount, good stuff from J. Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Leather buttons anyone? Man it's looking nice from the teasers. Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Nice...
Good 'ole fun in the South. SEC football with the girls. Last wear for this SC. It's pre-SF. Off it goes to my younger brother.
Not so vintage Sammy, HY, C&J:mixing the blues
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant tasty tie, Greg! Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Good to see you again. I have both tie & watch envy. Quote: Originally Posted by artoftime Great to see you back, G - looking those austerity wings! Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Good to see you back. Magnificent bow there. Cordial...
A shot from a few days ago of a new SD. Even with all the hype over the new SubC I decided to go with the old version. Now the new Explorer is tempting.
Hello SF. It's been a while. Posting just because I love this tie. Still working on iPhone pix. Need to break the Hassy out again. A shaggy bow with alphabet soup: JLC, BB, EG And now to catch up on this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 OK Ktown and BigA, October approaches: Great jacket. Me wants Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 [/center] Great vibe
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Yes I think those trousers need a jacket, otherwise this looks good. Agreed Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Which C&Js are those? They look cool. Lowndes from somewhere close to you.... Quote: Originally Posted by scruff You may not want to hear it, but pleats suit you better than flat fronts. What you need is a shirt that fits,...
Thanks for all the kind comments. The last jacket was Zegna. No jacket today, lazy. Wow, check out the ballooning of the pleated trousers. Note to self stick with flat front trousers (or put on a jacket). I need to switch back to the 70mm Hassy lens which was much more flattering. This is a very good reason to post on WAYWT. I can identify the undesirable. Feeling a bit blue today. Let the flagellations commence. BB, HY, C&J, Omega
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