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Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Nice outfit Greg and the beard is looking good. Thank you. It needs a bit of a trim. Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger K-Town, hope you didn't get off the boat! Yes, we did get off. All 6 of us waiting for the next. It was an opportunity for laughs. Great city, there. Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy How did I not see this?! ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Great pose. Are you running for office? Very "just got off Air Force One". Beard definitely suits you. Nice one. I should have given the neighbor my badass Gnatty look: Couldn't resist taking two wheels out a bit...
Spent a few days in the city with the girls. Glad to be back to the South. I love the city for 3 days then this country mouse needs to head home. Today's Church fit. Hello, neighbor Shots from last week.
Today's fit. A bit of color for a warm TN day. Wondering what's up with the pant's leg in the second photo. Sammy, S. Barber, BB, Alden Interesting note from yesterday. Check out the difference a few inches on elevation of the camera makes. The second shot (though blurry) captures a much more flattering silhouette. Cucci, APC, Carmina PG's suggestion long ago of keeping the camera around chest ht. was a good one. aka: Guido's Rule.
At first I wasn't too sure about this one. It is growing on me with the brown strap. Perhaps the graphite dial version?
BC, HY, Aldens, AT8500, Filson
A bit happier with today's fit. Perhaps more SF-friendly. Much happier with this look compared to yesterday's mess. Definitely SF inspired. Thoughts? Yes the shirt sleeves are a bit long. Sammy, BB, Ferragamo, ,1675 Still Motion
Why do I post on this thread? Here is a great example of why I "keep trying." Yesterday, I wore this. Thought it looked good until I saw the scans. Pants too big, sweater bulging making me look 40lbs heavier, lumps everywhere. No style. Crew, HY, Burberry, Filson, Moleskine, Breitling, vintage BB wings Wow, what a mistake. The individual pieces may be ok but the entire ensemble falls flat. Poor fit, bad collar, poor tie-knot. SF expects more....
Today: new seadweller for me
Quote: Originally Posted by stilmacher yes, echo.... keep posting. I miss the the tacit posts of Baron as well.
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