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Agreed. This one is on my radar. Nice history with interesting complication. Looks great.
Quote: Originally Posted by anginaprinzmetal Pic 1 very nice Pic 2 very very nice Pic 3 ... mint julep ... awesome Thanks, crazy mint from my backyard. Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 This is a really nice tie Greg, I have a similar one in silk but looks much better here. The only thing I would do differently is the square, just seems to be off there on its own.. Maybe simple white? Great coat BTW, is it...
Fragments from today. deal How about a Greg
Texture city today Greg
Simple Friday G
Blue Monday. Lex Luther two-step Baggy shirt is gone. BB slim fit but wow. Their extra-slims fit nicely. Working on a refresh.
Summer fun watch pick up. Greg Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels So, did you shave your head for a charity thing or is it in solidarity? Solidarity. And, she asked. Quote: Originally Posted by cronicmole KTownGreg... you look alot better with hair and a beard. Quote: Originally Posted by Kappelan +100 perhaps in the winter.... Today's rainy, wrinkle experiment in linen and white... TTO: love...
No buzz kill but for those who asked.... Some diseases simply....suck. For those who have not considered adding their DNA to the bone marrow registry.... It's a simple swap from the inner cheek and if by some small chance you are a match for another YOU may be their CURE. And, yes I'm adding my spit to the database on Saturday.
Thanks for all the kind comments. Popped collar accidental sprez. Shaved head intentionally blanc. New Nikon 50mm, 1.8. Crazy narrow DOF hence fog. Today's fit NYR-inspired Getting better Ahh... BB, HY, C&J, JLC
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