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Looking for any new (NWT or NWOT) Isaia suits in Base "S" or "V". Open to pretty much any color/pattern but especially interested in medium blues, gray or brown in birdseye, nailhead, POW. Thanks, Sam
PM sent on the Isaia SC.
PM sent on Brioni and Charvet ties
Is #1 blue / silver or gray / silver? Kind of tough to tell...
PM sent on the suit. Thanks, SM
Thanks again for all the ideas -- I'll start making the rounds this weekend.
Thanks everyone -- I'll check Century 21 for sure. I also see there's a Nordstrom Rack opening in Union Square in May so will definitely look there once it opens. Is there an Off 5th in Manhattan? I literally work in the same building as Saks but have only seen their full price stuff on the floor...
I've just relocated to NYC from SF and looking to beef up my business wardrobe since its suit and tie everyday here. Where are the best places to find bargins here? I'm looking specifically for Isaia or Zenga 'Fit Milano'. Thanks, SM
PM sent.
I have one and I could not be more pleased. I had the alterations done by Joe Caluti at Rizzo Tailor here in Cambridge, MA (he's a bespoke tailor) and he had nothing but good things to say about the cut, construction and the fabric. Website design aside (and I could care less what his pages look like) I would highly recommend the Isaia tux and I have found Pete (the seller) to be very easy to work with. Best, SM
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