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The cops were hell bent on getting in your home. As Harold falcon stated, they would have made up a story to get a warrant, or just bust down your door due to exegent circumstances. There is no way you were going to avoid having a gun in your face that night. All those "what you do when dealing with police" YouTube video goes out the window when you have nervous men with guns at your door.
If you didn't call 911 there is a good possibility that the police would have killed you, seeing that they saw you with a gun in your hands from out your window.You are very fortunate things went the way it did.
Captivity under the Taliban is a good weight loss program for North Americans.
The aunt is the type to mock you if your manhood is not up to her expectation. You better come correct if you plan on smashing.
Are you guys watching the aunt being interviewed? She is something else; yelling at the reporters for not listening to her.
Minus his name, he looks no less white than rocky balboa in rocky 1.
Did anyone see Taken 2? After that movie ending, this story seems like the plot for Taken 3.
The conventional wisdom in college was that the baddest chicks had "the gap".
That guy got the beat down of a life time, and to add insult to injury, the old man with the cane got in one good lick before it was all over.
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