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I'm not sure your size but you might like these. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Salvatore-Ferragamo-Brown-Size-11D-Dress-Shoe-/300951492055?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item46121b55d7
Can anyone PM me the website offering 20% off Tetburys? thanks!
I'm helping a friend of mine in the auto sales business. So since I will be walking on pavement ALOT I need a good quality comfortable rubber soled dress shoes. I have 8 pair of CJs that all are leather soles. I need something good quality but want to keep the budget at $100-$200 per pair. Any suggestions with decent quality and staying with a CJ look and not too round like Allen Edmonds?
Those shoes look like the Brunos which has incredible soft leather but never seen a crease like that in the toe box.
I have the Westbourne in Black and Beechnut, Black Monkton, Brown Lowdens, brown Hallem and a few other Santoni bluchers but no boots, suede anything or wingtips. (Since I live in Arizona I just have really never been in the immediate need for any boots besides Chukas) I have a source that is selling the beechnut Drummond (new) which is no longer sold in that color any blavk, brown or suede in the Saville, and any color of the Tetburys is available as well. Now, I...
FYI-I emailed C&J in the UK and asked the price of shoe model and they quoted me about $100 cheaper then the NY store.
Ha! Yes, I rarely feel the need to post but do a lot of lurking.
Yes, I understand the concept if I was living in the UK but I would imagine C&j would see that I am ordering from the US and thus charge the US retail rate. At any rate, I will email them and compare myself.
And just as important is stopping any further loss of the native hair. Most people forget hairloss is progressive and it just doesn't stop. Stop hair loss first with proven treatments such as minoxidil/propecia/laser therapy and then research hair transplants if you still feel you need more hair.
New Posts  All Forums: