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Quote: Originally Posted by scottcw One thing I have noticed with the Kiehls is that it feels great, but I do not see any results. This has been confirmed by some friends who have tried it. The Cade doesn't have the immediate "wow" factor, but it does show results. Will give it a try, thanks.
I cannot find a more recent thread, so thought I would post here. I just placed and received an order from M&S as they have a sale on some ties. The quality is great and the fabrics superb, plus it's made locally here in New York. I've been buying from them for a couple years now, but felt compelled by the most recent purchase to urge people to check them out.
Remaining ties, three for $40 shipped.
Shoulders on the RLPL tweed? Measurement is off....
Length? Thanks.
Kiehl's eye stuff (cream, not stick) seems to work decently (I know that's not a rave review, but the best I've found yet).
Quote: Originally Posted by Peppars I've never seen a single side vent before I didn't want to... I don't want to... I can't help it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny Amiga Speaking of Audiard his newest, Un Prophete, is his best yet and quite probably the best film I've seen in years. Amazing. Un prophete is a must.
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan I had mine just after I turned 43. You are (usually) in a better mental/emotional/fiscal state at this point in your life, but the downside, as mentioned, is the physical. That being said, everyone is different. I've met guys 10 years younger than me who I assumed were 5 years older. If you're in decent shape you should be OK. At least where I am the trend is toward older parents, so you would not necessarily be...
Quote: Originally Posted by dv3 Look at the diff in cleav between 1 and 2. Is that angle or surg? (sorry for all the abbr.) Plz. (my first and last abbr. ever.).
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