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Great ties. Olch picks some great fabrics.
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 [pedant]More to the point, as a Canadian, he cannot be a felon. Up here there are only summary offences and criminal code offences -- no such animal as a felony.[/pedant] Well that's just wrong. Who approved this, did we ratify your codification of criminal codes? If not, I don't know if we can consider them truly legitimate.
Quote: Originally Posted by chatty My opinion, if you don't exist on Google, that's an issue. Is this a Zen koan or did you plagiarize from Sartre?
EG Lasted Trees, Mahagony - 11.5/12 SOLD These are the awesome hinged trees that are not made by EG or RLPL anymore. Gratuitous Laga shot....
I am glad others responded because I have to plead ignorance on most American shoe manufacturers. The suggestion of shell is a good one. SF is great for being able to research such things. In terms of being economical, as someone mentioned, if you can find what size you are in AE or Alden (or at least make sure they are comfortable) and then look for something discounted or used (the buy and sell forum here, ebay, etc...) you can usually do pretty well (though since...
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Based on your previous post, please see any basic English grammar text book. Why don't you send me one? Pm me and I will give you my addy. Or better yet, give me your address and I will come pick it up. Also, don't forget, as a Canadian you have not earned the right to vote or be condescending (please see the Hannity Freedom Tour Commemorative Booklet).
Quote: Originally Posted by guyincity It depends on my mood. I do take the subway and walk to work everyday. Many people are in a rush and lack spatial awareness. The sidewalks tend to be formed by stone blocks, and they are not level. These two things are dangerous when it comes to wearing shoes. I could leave the house with brand new white sneakers, and when I get home I'd have marks on the back of my shoes from people kicking/stepping on them, marks...
Quote: Originally Posted by guyincity Something that doesn't look stepped on and kicked multiple times on a given day. Are you fox trotting to work? It's okay if you are, really...
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Am I allowed to vote in this poll if I am a felon? Seen, not heard. Please see Emily Post.
Quote: Originally Posted by usctrojans31 Define large feet. Define "fabulous." That's code in some circles. Code I tell you!
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