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I haven't personally, but I'm curious to hear more details about your alteration experiences (as well as others). I've considered using them, but have heard mixed reviews (which is pretty much par for all tailors I guess).
pm sent - i've been checked out for a while (hope this is still okay to do on the forum).
Price dropped to $65.
Price dropped to $75.
Price dropped to $85.
three roll two, notch lapel (pique stitching), dual vent, besom pockets, all virgin lana (made in italy). great cut and construction. excellent condition. measurements below. 95>85>75>65 SOLD including shipping in conus. shoulders - 20" sleeves - 27" (with one inch to let out or take in) boc length - 32" chest - 47"
Quote: Originally Posted by Pezzaturra Shoulder :19 1/2" Chest: 22" Overall length: 38 1/2" Too small for me, but great coat.
Great ties. Olch picks some great fabrics.
Quote: Originally Posted by chatty My opinion, if you don't exist on Google, that's an issue. Is this a Zen koan or did you plagiarize from Sartre?
EG Lasted Trees, Mahagony - 11.5/12 SOLD These are the awesome hinged trees that are not made by EG or RLPL anymore. Gratuitous Laga shot....
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