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I haven't personally, but I'm curious to hear more details about your alteration experiences (as well as others). I've considered using them, but have heard mixed reviews (which is pretty much par for all tailors I guess).
pm sent - i've been checked out for a while (hope this is still okay to do on the forum).
Price dropped to $65.
Price dropped to $75.
Price dropped to $85.
three roll two, notch lapel (pique stitching), dual vent, besom pockets, all virgin lana (made in italy). great cut and construction. excellent condition. measurements below. 95>85>75>65 SOLD including shipping in conus. shoulders - 20" sleeves - 27" (with one inch to let out or take in) boc length - 32" chest - 47"
Quote: Originally Posted by Pezzaturra Shoulder :19 1/2" Chest: 22" Overall length: 38 1/2" Too small for me, but great coat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Well, in WA State, a Felony is generally anything with a maximum sentence of over one year in jail. I was convicted of Burglary in 1999, and completed my sentence in 2001. What I did was break into my High School and deposit a large quantity of sawdust in the hallway. Aside from cleanup costs, I damaged one 8x8 wire reinforced window(inset in a classroom door), a strip of silicone caulking, and a keyed master lock....
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Not automatically, but I can go to court to have them reinstated after ten years. I have to plead ignorance, and am sure a google search might suffice, but what is on the minimum side of constituting a felony (e.g. what are you in for?)?
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW Are they exempted from paying taxes as well? In Australia, it is a criminal offense NOT to vote! The idea that citizens with criminal convictions are denied a right to vote in the US seems very odd to me. Brilliant, I never knew this. Makes much more sense to me. As an aside, my sister-in-law's last name is Rathier (she is Québécois) which her and my wife (also Québécois) have come to understand...
New Posts  All Forums: