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new stock, still great fabrics and construction (despite the dissenters). i second the need for measurements...
Final drop.
Price drop.
Recently received a Brooks Brothers gift card with $628.60 left, asking 550>525>500 via paypal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorialist.di.Roma Can someone who has purchased from Rick's Tailoring confirm that this holds for these Venanzi gloves? I find it almost impossible to trust any makers sizing (and much prefer tracing and custom orders)... BTW I am a true 9" around the palm and for the Venanzi gloves the 9.5 fit nicely for a snugger fit and a 10 for a wee bit roomier fit. They're great gloves.
Received gloves. Excellent quality and fast shipment. Many thanks. (pm sent on #23 & #39). Update (July 13th): Just received two more pairs of gloves. Many thanks Jeff, both for the prompt shipment and the outstanding gloves. Highly recommended. For the record, as denning alluded to, the mink lined gloves are incredible.
David is wonderful and his ties are sublime.
pm on 26
pm on both navy mid-calfs
pm sent...
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