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Another thank you for doing all this, guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius But I don't think you can specify the father over the son. Call and ask for Pedro, tell him a client referred you. If you want OP, you can pm me for my name.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Thanks for the comment. Ill probably shop in the Short Hills store as there is no sales tax. Any tailors recommended for New York? Ill probably want to do the basic stuff, slimmer sleeves, waist surpression, etc. I tried several and ended up really liking Cardelino. Ask for Pedro.
New shirts added, sold shirts updated, remaining 17/43 shirts 5 percent off.
pm sent...
New shirts added (new production, as well as old production, shirts).
Lost a full neck size in weight and need to purchase 16/41s (selling at a loss), all these shirts are new with tags. $125 shipped ConUS or Canada (no import tax for Canada as I can post in country if need be). Paypal. I would like not to have to unfold them all, but will measure a specific shirt if requested. General measurements are pretty consistent at 48" chests, 19.75" shoulders, and 36.25" sleeves. Borrelli 17/43, european cut, barrel cuff, crows foot stitching,...
pm sent on lorenzini white shirt.
h. padar. highly recommended for alterations. cannot speak to bespoke.
Images fixed - apologies for the earlier confusion.
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