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Payment sent. Looking forward to my first try with MF shirts. Thanks. Aaron
This is a fantastic bag. I have it in chestnut (I think), and it works very well for me as a field engineer. I can carry my 17" widescreen laptop, tools, cables, and paperwork with no issue (other than back pains). I get compliments on the bag on a VERY regular basis. Good luck with the sale. It's rally a shame that you are not able to get use out of it yourself. Aaron
Can anyone comment on the sizing of the Chukkas? Do they tend to run on the larger side? Aaron (Eyeing the snuff suede ones in 9 or 9.5)
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del ^^ looks good but dont you feel that the notch/gorge is too high and the trousers too tight ? Quote: Originally Posted by forex +1,I agree with you,the gorge seems too high and pants are way too slim for my taste. It just doesn't seem that proportions are right,shirt collar is gigantic so are the lapels. I like wide lapels but I think that they don't go with medtech's frame,I think they...
I don't think that it needs to be stated again, but I'm going to anyway. Ed Morel is absolutely top notch. He goes way above and beyond what is expected, or necessary with regard to customer service. If you have not bought from Ed yet, do so at the earliest possible moment. Fair warning, however, you'll need to be quick before he sells out of his stock. Ed, thank you so much for everything. Aaron
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 2010: ...snip... 2011: ...snip... - less Italian trips ...snip... If you don't mind my asking, why is this? Change in aesthetic preferences? Different direction? Other? Aaron
Quote: Originally Posted by A Guy from Shanghai You are right. Thanks. Here a couple of pictures of my suede collection (missing a pair of suede Mora currently being fixed at AE factory) http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z...n/P1070573.jpg Very nice collection you have there. What is the pair on the far right in this picture? Aaron
Quote: Originally Posted by HEARTLESS-531 Would you guys stop slapping each other on the backs and sucking each other's d*@#s. You can't even buy, over the internet, that damn rain jacket on the front page or the double breasted blue blazer. ATTENTION: I have my credit card in my hand and ready to purchase. Your 'ONLINE SHOP' says: DELAYS. Great. Delays. Like I need delays. Embrace capitalism - do it right. Sorry, sir. Your card has been...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle Please make sure you enter the code when you are checking out in the actual shop (before you go to PayPal - it's on the summary page in the checkout process). I've received quite a lot of orders so far and they all have free shipping so hopefully this should be the solution! Stephen. Edit: have edited the original post to point this out. Stephen, Thank you very much for the speedy reply. That...
Has anyone been able to get the code to work? I've tried no less than 10 times, and it keeps telling me that it is an invalid code. I'm on an iPhone if that matters. Aaron
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