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Quote: Originally Posted by pscolari Hamersley's in South End. Check out Craigie on Main if you and the family are fine with Cambridge. Thank you. I will take a look at both of those. Aaron
Looking for a recommendation for brunch in Boston on Mother's Day with my wife and our young son. Thanks. Aaron
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria That looks like the south wall of my new dressing room. I have double height open racks like that, but they're separated by narrow necktie drawers rather than open shelving. - B <--- Jealous! Aaron
Weejuns (Made in Maine)? Aaron
I had an extremely good experience buying from viral. He was very prompt with his communications and shipping. Aaron
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Sometimes it always looks like another fitting is needed... Is this like, 60% of the time it works every time? Aaron
Payment sent. Looking forward to my first try with MF shirts. Thanks. Aaron
This is a fantastic bag. I have it in chestnut (I think), and it works very well for me as a field engineer. I can carry my 17" widescreen laptop, tools, cables, and paperwork with no issue (other than back pains). I get compliments on the bag on a VERY regular basis. Good luck with the sale. It's rally a shame that you are not able to get use out of it yourself. Aaron
Can anyone comment on the sizing of the Chukkas? Do they tend to run on the larger side? Aaron (Eyeing the snuff suede ones in 9 or 9.5)
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del ^^ looks good but dont you feel that the notch/gorge is too high and the trousers too tight ? Quote: Originally Posted by forex +1,I agree with you,the gorge seems too high and pants are way too slim for my taste. It just doesn't seem that proportions are right,shirt collar is gigantic so are the lapels. I like wide lapels but I think that they don't go with medtech's frame,I think they...
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