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Ah, thank you for the clarification. I clearly misunderstood Cravate. Carry on.Aaron
Who are you referring to when you say "they are both no tailors"? I ask only because if you are referring to Mina, she is a tailor. She may not be the one cutting and sewing your order, but she is a tailor.Aaron
No, they are normal glasses with Rx lenses in them.Aaron
Wow, you live the life that I dream of at night. That is an absolutely amazing piece. Wear it in good health.Aaron
She will reply to any email sent to that address. Mina and Dino are both very busy, but are also both very responsive. I would give a little more time for a response, and check your junk mail folder. If you continue to have issues, it could be an email/provider issue. If so, you can feel free to PM me your contact info, and I will ask them to reach out to you. Aaron
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 There's about 4 of us here surrounded by haters. ^^ Nice wrist shot, PG. You can make it 5. Aaron
Can anyone recommend a good light gray cloth for trousers that will stand up to relatively hard wear? I am looking for something in a 2-3 season weight (New England weather). In fact recommendations on a medium gray for similar use would also be much appreciated. I have never really selected any fabric for myself (other than looking at the books that tailors had on hand), so I am not very familiar with what resources are available. Aaron
Quote: Originally Posted by marcodalondra I was given up to three names of pantalonaio by different Sartorias and none mentioned Ambrosi, that is the fact. The other comments were amply expressed here, with late deliveries and pants seams opening up, which have heard also in Naples as a reasons he was not included in this best three list. The 80 years old guy, only really makes few pants for selected few, and according to the people I have spoken to,...
I rather like this pair of Persol glasses that I have been wearing for a couple of years. It's hard to tell from the photo, but they are actually a translucent dark green color. Aaron
Quote: Originally Posted by banis I gave up trying to contact Salvatore both via e-mail and facebook, as he constantly did not reply to any of my messages. Banis, So, what do you do now for your orders? Do you go to Naples to get them in person, or have you simply stopped ordering from Salvatore? Thanks, Aaron
New Posts  All Forums: