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Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Could someone tell me the price of an Ambrosi shirt and does he visit Chicago? I lurked and searched but couldn't find this information. I believe it's $1000, but they don't rotate the shoulder enough, so it's not worth it. Hope that helps. Aaron
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel looks like Isaia at Saks. Whatever it is, it is way too tight in the waist/chest for him and the patch pockets looks silly on what seems to be a worsted wool but I do love the curve and size of the lapels. And I like his hairstyle. l also find something very odd/off with the sleeves. They look extremely tight in the forearms, but excessively loose in the bicep/upper arm area. Is it just me, or just the...
Quote: Originally Posted by pscolari Hamersley's in South End. Check out Craigie on Main if you and the family are fine with Cambridge. Thank you. I will take a look at both of those. Aaron
Looking for a recommendation for brunch in Boston on Mother's Day with my wife and our young son. Thanks. Aaron
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria That looks like the south wall of my new dressing room. I have double height open racks like that, but they're separated by narrow necktie drawers rather than open shelving. - B <--- Jealous! Aaron
Weejuns (Made in Maine)? Aaron
I had an extremely good experience buying from viral. He was very prompt with his communications and shipping. Aaron
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Sometimes it always looks like another fitting is needed... Is this like, 60% of the time it works every time? Aaron
Payment sent. Looking forward to my first try with MF shirts. Thanks. Aaron
This is a fantastic bag. I have it in chestnut (I think), and it works very well for me as a field engineer. I can carry my 17" widescreen laptop, tools, cables, and paperwork with no issue (other than back pains). I get compliments on the bag on a VERY regular basis. Good luck with the sale. It's rally a shame that you are not able to get use out of it yourself. Aaron
New Posts  All Forums: