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I was leaning toward the iPhone in the breast pocket.
This is quite nice overall, but I would change the ps to something a little further from the tie color/pattern.
Dammit! I used to enjoy this thread...
If you are going to hurl insults, why not name names or post examples?
I envision most of the LL cloths as jackets for me as well, save for the Agnelli Tweed, as you mention, and the length of Agnelli Flannel that I have awaiting funding. In fact, I love the Agnelli Tweed so much, I bought a second suit length.
I have only funded two LL cloths so far, a suit in the Agnelli Tweed and a jacket in the City Gunclub 2, but I find both to be among my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I have no issue wearing them due to the weight. Maybe it is due to my location, but I find them very useful and a pleasure to wear.
Yes, this is common practice on 3R2 jackets.Your suit looks nice. Your tailor has done nice work for you.
I would be rather concerned about the way these cloths might drape. There does not appear to be much to them.
So, are you saying that in the northwest of the US the term suit only refers to a business suit?
What's the square footage on those?
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