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Yes, I'm having the same issue. I've moved to Firefox with the noscript add-on to view the site.Aaron
Check CN's blog for more photos and better details.Aaron
Why would you have someone else work on that jacket? I'm sure Mina would have been more than happy to make any adjustments that you might have requested.Aaron
Yes, it is. And they are raving with good reason. I couldn't help but touch the jacket as I was talking to him.Aaron
This is very nice. Is it by Mina? I think that I may have a jacket from her in the same fabric.Aaron
Yep, that's the one that I checked out in Mina and Dino's suite. I hope that Mina was able to remove all of the drool prior to delivering it to you. If not, I apologize. You can feel free to send me the first dry cleaning bill.Aaron
I believe that I spent some time fawning over your cord suit during one of my visits with Dino and Mina. It was quite impressive.I really like the suit that you posted today. That is the aesthetic that I am hoping to achieve with Mina. Unfortunately, I think that the biggest hurdle will need to be overcome at the gym, and not at the tailor's workbench.Nice to have you posting again (even if one needs to catch the posts before they can disappear).Aaron
That is what I use on my Glaser bag (per their recommendation), and it has worked well in my experience.Aaron
I think it's actually a 232. A beautiful SE base that Panerai released a few years back.Aaron
Yes, Mina told me that she has been working as a tailor for over 20 years. IIRC she worked at Attolini as well as other well known houses before striking out on her own. If others have information to the contrary, I am open to correction.Aaron
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