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Sorry, I just went back and re-read. I missed the part where the discussion changed from grenadine to knit. You may be right in this case. I do not wear knit ties, so I have never bought one.
I am absolutely positive that Patrizio will make you ties to your exact specifications.
You are spending too much time worrying over this. Patrizio will make you a tie in whatever dimensions you prefer.
Does this mean that a jacket has not been "done right" in some forty-odd years?
What heresy is this?!?!? Sator notes, "The captions says that this is for business and that the coat is dark BROWN! ^_^ The trousers and waistcoat are of shepherd's check. The tailor was Hawes and Curtis of Dover Street.". And this is from the 1950's!!!! The BEST of the 1950's!
I would wager that most here agree with your statement above, at least in spirit. I don't understand what it has to do with the current conversation, or your original quoting of tweedyprof. Or, have I completely misunderstood, and you are simply posting a series of tirades as they come to you?
He may know his shit, but he can't express it very well.
Ignoring the fact that this is utter drivel (barely comprehensible drivel at that), who stated that the outfit you quoted was intended for the workplace?
WTF is this gibberish? Was this supposed to be a response to mossrocks' questions?
Nice selection. I have the one spoilered above (though unlined), and I enjoy wearing it very much.
New Posts  All Forums: