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Thank you for the clarification, and sorry for my incorrect assumption/statement.Aaron
I could be wrong, but I don't think that NsM made RDiaz's jacket. I believe that it is rtw, and he was simply using it to illustrate his point.Aaron
Would you mind elaborating on what inaccuracies you have read in this thread? I would also be curious to know where your information comes from?Thank you,Aaron
Aren't you basically asking others to read through 97 pages and 1400 posts to find the specific posts that you are in search of, so that they can then present them to you?Aaron
I think that there may be a fine line between posting and jinda-bombing. Aaron
We are in complete agreement on this topic.Aaron
[[SPOILER]] It's interesting that you chose that particular tie this morning, as I did as well. Your picture is far more flattering, however.Aaron
I would appreciate any comments on this combination. I apologize in advance for the iPhone photo under fluorescent lights. It is all I have at the moment. The lower half is light grey trousers with dark brown nst chukkas. Aaron
Thank you all for taking hte time to comment. I do appreciate the effort, and the information.I would like to make a few comments in response, however, I want to be clear that none of this is being offered as an excuse or defense of my initial post. I am simply looking to clarify a few things, and see if it has any impacts on the responses that I received here.The photo was a bad iPhone shot taken in the back of a car on a highway in sporadic morning light. The jacket...
I'll give it a shot. Sorry for the iPhone photo, and apologies to gdl for stealing his pose/setting. Aaron
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