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September for NYC. Not sure about SF.Aaron
Again, nobody, with the exception of you, has used the word essential in reference to the thistle. It was simply noted that Burton likes the damn thing.Aaron
FWIW, I read the original post completely different. I read it as Burton listing off the reasons that he likes the shoes eg: the types of leather used, the color, and the presence of a thistle. I read nothing in the post that indicates that Burton believes that the thistle is made up of leather, or is some physical component of the shoe. Simply that it is a design feature of this pair of shoes which he appreciates.Aaron
By any chance, is this a Dogo Argentino?This is our boy at 13 months.Aaron
So, no?
Actually, my guess would be Mina (I have it in both brown and blue as well).Aaron
Yes, I'm having the same issue. I've moved to Firefox with the noscript add-on to view the site.Aaron
Check CN's blog for more photos and better details.Aaron
Why would you have someone else work on that jacket? I'm sure Mina would have been more than happy to make any adjustments that you might have requested.Aaron
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