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Thank you all for taking hte time to comment. I do appreciate the effort, and the information.I would like to make a few comments in response, however, I want to be clear that none of this is being offered as an excuse or defense of my initial post. I am simply looking to clarify a few things, and see if it has any impacts on the responses that I received here.The photo was a bad iPhone shot taken in the back of a car on a highway in sporadic morning light. The jacket...
I'll give it a shot. Sorry for the iPhone photo, and apologies to gdl for stealing his pose/setting. Aaron
Info@napolisumisura.comAs far as I know, they are not very active on forums, so I'm not surprised your pm's haven't been answered.Aaron
I'm not sure what this means either. Who are the whiny, know-it-all customers that were turned away?Aaron
I don't understand what this statement means.Aaron
They were recently traveling in Sweden. Also, are you pm'ing them or emailing them? In my experience they are very good about answering emails, but it takes a day or two. They are very busy.Aaron
Please tell me that someone has worked this shot over in photoshop.Aaron
September for NYC. Not sure about SF.Aaron
Again, nobody, with the exception of you, has used the word essential in reference to the thistle. It was simply noted that Burton likes the damn thing.Aaron
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