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This post may have single-handedly moved the Agnelli Flannel up toward the top of my "to be funded" pile. It looks fantastic. Steed did you well with this suit.
I thought this request might be forthcoming, but I didn't have the information at my fingertips when I posted last night.The ties are (from left to right) Silk Twill ZZZC5, Grenadine Garza Solid A4, and Madder C8. All are unlined, three fold, and 9cm wide (length is slightly shorter on the grenadine than on the other two).
+1 on the bold. Although, in my case, it's part lazy and part unskilled photographer.
I second the comments from others. I like everything I have from Drake's, but I prefer Patrizio's work. Plus, you get to do business with Patrizio, who is a complete gentleman and a pleasure to interact with.Oh, also, so much want...
A few new brown ties were delivered today.
Why does the work day always take so long when the FedEx tracking says "DELIVERED"?
I'm glad it worked out for you. I was pushed over the edge by the same posters as yourself, apparently. I ended up with that one and two other colorways (one for my son). Funny about the new label on the challis.
I'm always a fan of a nice blue and brown combination.
There's a lot to like here.
Yes, darker.
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