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No, you are mistaken. Mina may not be the cutter/tailor at NsM (though she is trained to be), but they most certainly employ tailors in their business.The fact that this is not an AV thread is irrelevant. Peddle your bs elsewhere.
This seems like an odd post to make in a thread dedicated to the tailor that the op was originally interested in and enquiring about.
@TweedyProf, I appreciate the purpose of this thread, as well as being asked to contribute to it. I haven't had a chance to take good photos of the ties or jackets individually, but I will get some combinations that include my selections posted, and then edit from there. I also need to add a disclaimer that my lighting and photography skills are both severely lacking. The next two are suits (the first only to show the tie), not jackets, but I see that others...
Thank you. This is exactly what I needed. Great customer service as always.
I love the colors in this sweater.@gdl203, the "How we Measure" keeps taking me to the main home page for nmwa, could you give me a quick run down on your chest measurement method for sweaters? I assume it's done just below the sleeve, but do you pull tight, or do you just rest it on a flat surface to measure? Thanks.
Extra points for the cloth.
I like this last, unspoilered, tie in particular.
My thoughts are that I am very much looking forward to my length being delivered. My guess is that the photo is making it look slightly lighter/more washed out than it will be irl.
I would hope it was clear to everyone that I was not suggesting that you had any sort of commercial interest in the company. I've simply admired your posts for some time.
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