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Send Patrizio an email with this picture and tell him which ones you want, and how you want them made.
I assume that you will be taking the man for lunch. I would like pictures of the group of you breaking bread together.
Please re-read. I said wearing them wrong. The hand rolling is what happens after wearing. Patrizio is not involved. YMMV
You must be wearing your bowties wrong...
If I recall correctly, it's a 16oz lambs wool/angora mix, hence the increased cost.
I stated she was trained as a tailor. I do not have all of the details of her training, nor would I share them here if I did. That is for Mina to share. What I know, and have stated, is that she was trained as a tailor and worked as one prior to going out on her own.As to SKM asking for options, this is his post to which you replied...Find me anything in that post that suggests he is asking for your two cents on sartorial options in Naples or elsewhere.I may have...
1. I don't need to start a thread about NsM and their work. This is it! Maybe YOU should start a thread that is Marcodalondra's Sartoria Napoletana Critque Thread?2. What is your point about how they started? Are you suggesting that businesses do not evolve?3. You are free to express your opinion. It is more valued when it has been requested, or at least is in the vein of the conversation, however. The op did not ask for recommendations for tailors in Naples. He...
First of all, it is a thread to talk about Mina's work. Read the fucking title.Second, it is a tailoring house. Just because YOU don't know the cutter's name doesn't make them unknown.Third, I am still not overly impressed by your clothes.Fourth, don't you have a pair of pants to wear the crotch out of? Why don't you go work on that instead of spouting useless garbage to fluff your ego?
That's just it, once you ask for a recommendation he just tells you that his people are only for locals and/or are not taking on any new clients. He just likes to feel important.
Are you suggesting that one would not be able to meet face to face with their cutter at NsM if visiting them in Naples? What makes you say this? Have you had this experience?Furthermore, are you suggesting that any of the tailors you would recommend are so perfect that they have never had to make an adjustment to a garment they've made? Again, peddle your bs elsewhere.You've made these types of remarks all over threads dedicated to specific Neapolitan tailors, and in...
New Posts  All Forums: