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I can't answer the question about whether or not Patrizio smokes, but I can say that none of my ties have ever come smelling of cigarettes.
I agree with your statement that I have bolded above. It looks like it should be a three button jacket, with the current lower button being the second button.
That may be contributing to the effect, but looking at the button compared to the waistband, it appears to be quite high.
This buttoning point appears to be incredibly high.
This suit looks like it is too small for you.
Was it too heavy to carry home last weekend?
Well, looks like I need to send another email to Patrizio...
Send Patrizio an email with this picture and tell him which ones you want, and how you want them made.
I assume that you will be taking the man for lunch. I would like pictures of the group of you breaking bread together.
Please re-read. I said wearing them wrong. The hand rolling is what happens after wearing. Patrizio is not involved. YMMV
New Posts  All Forums: