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Oh, it will most certainly will look ridiculous on you. Why don't you give me your paypal address, and I'll take that length off your hands and remove the temptation completely?
FWIW, mine is just longer than a sport/suit jacket on me, and I feel that is appropriate.
I just wore mine today, as a matter of fact.
Thank you. It's a LL cloth (city gun club 5).
I'm also looking forward to dropping this off at the same time. To be funded into a jacket for myself and one for my son.
I am very excited to pick up my suit in this cloth at the end of this month! That's what I said.
Given how much cotton Dino wears, I'd trust their assessment.
Email is the best way to communicate in my experience. Keep in mind that they are on holiday right now, so be patient when waiting for a reply.
I'm pretty sure that koolbear was asking about NsM's ability to complete trousers in a week if ordered in Naples. Aaron
New Posts  All Forums: