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I assumed it was for continued torture of the middle child (like the transmission tunnel in the back seat of the car).
I'll always second a request to post more of Patrizio's offerings.
I like this combination of blue and green. In particular the tie and shirt together.
There is no way that I believe that you ordered a tie this way from Patrizio. Nice selection, by the way.
I've told you elsewhere, but I really like this one.
You've made some nice selections. I just love getting those little cards.
Sorry, I just went back and re-read. I missed the part where the discussion changed from grenadine to knit. You may be right in this case. I do not wear knit ties, so I have never bought one.
I am absolutely positive that Patrizio will make you ties to your exact specifications.
You are spending too much time worrying over this. Patrizio will make you a tie in whatever dimensions you prefer.
New Posts  All Forums: