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Please buy two of everything next time. You know my preferred measurements. Thanks.
Please, please tell me that's a sock and not a PS in your pocket...
Drat! I guess that means you probably have the Agnelli tweed and flannel.
Any chance you have a jacket length of the Agnelli Glen Check that you'd be willing to part with?
I have to agree with this. I love to wear mine, and reach for it often. The warm weather is making me sad.Now, if I could just find someone willing to part with a jacket length of the LL Agnelli Glen Check.
Due to a scrawny neck and a short torso, my last couple of orders have been bespoke.
My apologies. I must have lost my head.You'll just have to be patient for the rest.
A new package arrived from Patrizio today. I conclusively state that there is no smell, tobacco or otherwise.
I believe the rule is that once you've broken bread with him, you may refer to him as "our mate Pat", or simply, "Pat".
Ideally your buttoning point should be at your navel. There is a bit of tolerance for style/cut and body shape, but generally speaking it should be at your navel.
New Posts  All Forums: