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This may have been mentioned already and I just missed it, but is there a planned restock of the Farnese tubo belts?
In what way do you feel Agnelli's clothes look different? Can you point to some specific areas where you feel his diverges from others that you mention?
Agnelli flannel. The tweed is gray with a blue check.
I have a suit made from this, and it is one of my favorites. The cloth is fantastic! My tailor was also very complimentary of the cloth.
Oh, it will most certainly will look ridiculous on you. Why don't you give me your paypal address, and I'll take that length off your hands and remove the temptation completely?
FWIW, mine is just longer than a sport/suit jacket on me, and I feel that is appropriate.
I just wore mine today, as a matter of fact.
Thank you. It's a LL cloth (city gun club 5).
I'm also looking forward to dropping this off at the same time. To be funded into a jacket for myself and one for my son.
New Posts  All Forums: