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Oh, it's no secret he's trying to kill me. Currently he has taken the slow but sure approach of spiking my blood pressure multiple times a day.
My son has asked if I will pass that one on to him when he is older.
I quite like the new implementation. Once you select a category the layout is cleaned up, and the ability to sort by color is a welcome addition.
Please buy two of everything next time. You know my preferred measurements. Thanks.
Please, please tell me that's a sock and not a PS in your pocket...
Drat! I guess that means you probably have the Agnelli tweed and flannel.
Any chance you have a jacket length of the Agnelli Glen Check that you'd be willing to part with?
I have to agree with this. I love to wear mine, and reach for it often. The warm weather is making me sad.Now, if I could just find someone willing to part with a jacket length of the LL Agnelli Glen Check.
Due to a scrawny neck and a short torso, my last couple of orders have been bespoke.
My apologies. I must have lost my head.You'll just have to be patient for the rest.
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