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wondering if anyone can confirm this CDG play tee is legit
nice.soo much want, but cannot afford lol
love the 403 Indy. wish i could afford it. could you guys give me some advice... If im a 7H in RM williams craftsman (8US) and a EE width what size in the 403 would i be? i read that you size down .5 but im not sure on the width and where the best place to buy online that can ship to Australia
love the shoesAldens?
peeps can you recommend something similar to Alden 405 love them, but not $600+ love them
a true waist of 34" is what size in Levi's? 32W?
No way man, I'm matching these with my Camo pants and army green tee
love FK but they run narrow and my wide feet hang off the sides picked these up recently
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