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I'm the "gentleman" to whom Yogesh Gagendaran graciously refers. I started posting on blogs such as this one, FNB, and AskAndy searching for sources of authentic "bleeding" madras by-the-yard. At the time, I naively thought that all one had to do was walk into the modern-day (or Indian) equivalent of the old Beckenstein's and - viola - they'd have "bleeding" madras. Production in India was halted in the early 1970s because the vegetable-based dyes were harmful to the...
40s x 40s – Reed 72, Picks 72 and 40s warp with 60s weft single. Good? Silky? Thanks.
I may know where to obtain "bleeding" madras; the authentic, "real McCoy." Non-colorfast. The type which was available in the 1960s and which hasn't been produced in Chennai (which was Madras) since.
Looking to source "bleeding" Madras fabric by-the-yard/meter at retail for MTM men's "Bermudas." Am knowledgeable re: Atlantis and Rosen and Chadick. By reputation one is superior. Any sources in India itself? Any "proxys?" Thanks.
I, too, would wish to source "bleeding" madras by-the-yard. Good - not poor - quality. Don't mind paying. Thanks.
Recommendations welcome as to where to source T-SHIRTING/T-SHIRT MATERIAL by-the-yard. Cotton or cotton/poly blend. Ideally, heavier cotton such as that used for the Champion T1001 (Made in USA) ones, but which are only available in Japan. Possibly silk. It'd have to be knit, I would imagine. Not a T-Shirt itself, rather the material itself from which they're fashioned. There's been some posts over the years here regarding MTM or bespoke T-shirts. Oft-times these have...
Any recommendations as to mills, cloth merchants, and, cotton (drill, poplin, twill, etc.) for MTM trousers suitable for my southern California climate, esp. colors such as Nantucket red, orange, blue, salmon, and white. Also: the same as it applies to wool (flannel, tropical, etc.) for Nantucket red trousers especially.
The sleeves on my Loopwheeler hoodie are too long. I want them altered (shortened) at the shoulder seam to protect the printing on the right sleeve + the Loopwheeler tag on the cuff. My tailor here in LA said that the seam was done by a very expensive machine, one which a tailor was unlikely to have. It was done at the factory. Does Loopwheeler alter their sweats?
Sounds like a lot of people weren't given their Mellaril tonight! Eric Cartman, voiced by Mel Blanc, was featured in a series of cartoons produced by Warner Bros., most notably in the 1940s - 1950s. He was always pursuing (& to some extent being pursued by) a whacky rabbit.
You know what Cartman says? Every time I make a posting about on this subject about where/how to get garments specially made such as sourcing piece goods, etc., its what happens to me here.
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