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^I will never look at dust the same way again.
Right, I realized I must have something they're looking forward considering they saved my resume for 3 months then sent a response. If I do turn out to be a waste of the interviewer's time, it's HR's fault not mine.
I'm a sophomore/junior. Back in October I emailed my resume and experience to a firm that's been around 20 years. Today I received an email offering me to come in for an interview. Now while my passion, interest, and motivation are 110% there to be working for this sustainable marketing firm, I feel like my eagerness may have gotten the best of me. It seems like they're looking for upperlevel undergrads/graduates. Should I go ahead and schedule it , or decline it and...
I came across a pair of dark, shiny, metallic colored jeans at Daffy's which were not in my size, and proceeded to scope out all of the other 6 stores to try and find a pair, but to no avail. Admittedly though, by the time I do stumble across a pair I have a feeling I won't like them anymore. Something like these but a straight fit.
Think it was Japanese, had a ton of random stuff, there was a thread on it a few months ago about the quality of the products.. Thanks! hmm yes I believe it's zozo.
If you disagree with this blogger, that's fine. If her opinion makes you mad, you've got issues. Your wardrobe is not 'above' anyone else's in the world. Sheknowbest's taste is just as valid as yours, it does not matter if we're arguing Ed Hardy vs. APC. Raw denim, perfect silhouettes, quality construction, etc. are things that people only like yourselves care about, the same way there are wine connoisseurs, art experts, action figure collectors, and so forth. If you...
This candle has wabi-sabi. or This candle is wabi sabi? Thank you. I will now stop procrastinating and get back to studying.
Here it goes, there's this marketplace a few blocks off Canal St. It's basically a big long hall, with entrances on two sides of the block. On one end there's tables for sitting and eating. They sold frozen buns with pork and rice in them. I was there a while ago but completeley forgot where this place was, anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks.
Yeaa it's got to be Indeterminacy, I remember one minute stories. Thanks.
Hey. very specific question. Looking for a piece of work by Cage that consists of him reading brief stories while being accompanied by various sounds (done by someone else). It's probably around 10-20 minutes long. I remember something about being at a museum... Heard it on WNYU a few months ago and it's killing me to hear it again. Thanks for any help.
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