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michael cera's parody of impossible is nothing.
asking if tacos are healthy is like asking if sandwiches are healthy... if you beef if up on a white taco and hella sour cream you may as well just have arbys but whole weat tortilla with sauteed tomatoes, beans or tofue, sprouts, no fat yogurt and fresh salsa is a decent treat.
tv on the radio, probably not for everyone. also recently animal collective panda bear miracle fortress think about life m.i.a. final fantasy black kids vampire weekend busdriver
jack k- on the road
still too big for my taste, but you dont look like nick lachey anymore
if its not from the 50s or 60s whats the point? unless its an 80s ferrari with a macho man with a bushy mustache, then thats also noteworthy.
boconcept is like ikea on steroids ( a good thing) modern scandinavian furniture at decent prices.
get some indie kids to work in the kitchen, dont fire them when they dont show up and let them play shows after closing. if you pay them in cocaine it would be idea, soon track bikes from all over williamsburg and dumbo will be stacked outside the restaurant.
get a new job, then tell your boss you'll leave if they dont pay more, or just leave. a letter is easy to ignore. realistically you should start getting exact expectations (or if you do, follow them and monitor times you exceed. eg, it took my 3 hours to re-seed and in the extra hour before lunch i water the petunias), if he denies yoru raise, start taking 6 hours to do 4 hour jobs, youll either get more money, or have an easier job!
yeah i have a friend cody who has a theory, you shoudl buy your jeans uncomfortably tight, and then your body will soon adjust to fit,... or they will rip... its not a perfect theory.
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