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band of outsiders weekend bag is where its at!
thanks, a friend of mine will be pumped!
why are canadian schools being compared to american (mostly) ivy league schools? the mentality towards education is much different (which is better or worse is up to you). that being said ubc is not that tough to get into, whether the program is- thats a different story. it seems american schools often depend on 'who you know' to get in, which i dont think is the case with ubc. I would be skeptical if your friends grades are as good as they say they are (who doesnt...
nice tim hamilton, how much to ship to canadA?
the same reason you hate him is why i love him
brooks saddle logo is nice
most ebay businesses are also real stores, so they have the option of contantly having products for sale and can swallow costs for items not purchased. the best way for someone like yourself though would be too use your existing ebay account... and beging slowly, if you dont have one you will need to buy alot first... you will have a hard time selling anything with bad feedback, and the more feedback you have from purchases will make you more trustworthy as a...
the ben sherman is nice
4 jackets or as part of a suit... 4 seems a liltte overboard... but if they are quality pieces you could hold onto them for years without wearing them often so 4 would be ok. if you are just holding onto them for minor variation i bet you will constantly go back to your favorite(s) and some are not necessary, it seems you should get a new one and bump an old one otherwise its somewhat glutonous.
victoria canada
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