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price drops to OBO
note that all prices are flexible and would be very open to the prospect of interesting trade, also I have very positive e-bay feedback, yada yada yada
I have a couple pairs of well worn Nudie Jeans that I'm interested in selling. 1) The first pair are the Thin Finn Organic Indigo with the Ecru Embo on the back. THESE ARE TAGGED 30X34, BUT HAVE STRETCHED TO BE ABOUT 16.5-17 INCHES ACROSS, SO ABOUT 33-34 TRUE WAIST. These jeans have never been washed but have some significant wear; including a ripped belt loop, some fraying on the right back pocket stitching and crotch rips - including a rip down the seam from a bike...
have the nudies been washed?
would you trade the dior jeans and the lulu hoodie for my corpus moto jacket> ?
your insensitivity does a disservice to my feelings
if you got made simply cause your average pc only last 4 years then you must be high thinking the mac wont be as obsolete. if you want something to last more then four years start wearing raw denim or antique furniture. no technology will be usefull in four years, that being said a mac will make those 4 years more enjoyable, or get a custom made pc from a shop that is suited to your need (probably cheaper). a mac is best for computer illiterate people that like pretty...
no luxury cars? whats the point? lincoln or escalade trucks! woot woot
oasis is under appreciated for their influence of their mid 90s work
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