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Unfortunate I could not help out with this thread in time. So many of these posts are way off base. Both U St and Adams Morgan are totally safe. Though, both are also full of wastes of life and boring bars. U St - Gibson (my favorite bar in DC), Dodge City, Velvet Lounge (on weekdays), Solly's (on weekdays, never weekends...or youll find yourself thrown into a mix of 30+ year old dudes wearing beastie boys shirts), Saloon (only if you want to go to a bar by...
I'm an auditor, so I make decent money, and am used to making more than the girls I date. However, the girl I am currently dating is a lawyer, makes more money than me, and it's actually a pretty big turn on. I didn't realize how great it was to date someone who was financially ambitious until I actually did it. Probably couldn't go back to dating a girl who made significantly less than me at this point. It's great to be in your mid 20s and, as a couple, easily take...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Stop being a young douche and stick to your work cards. Feel free to make personal cards, but really, don't fuck with your work cards until you are at least a partner. See, I know nothing about work card etiquette, so I really do appreciate this post.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopamine What accounting firm do you happen to work for? McGladrey & Pullen Their cards aren't HORRIBLE. It's very, very simple..but not necessarily in a good way. Plain white card with thin, quarter inch blue strip on the very top. Then name and info, etc, all left justified. There is just a lot of white space and extremely small text. Thanks for the tips, guys.
I was just brought on by a big accounting firm and was disappointed to find their business cards are pretty ugly. I am a recent college grad, so I don't know exactly how to go about having my own card designed. Are there any good websites you could recommend? Are there actual shops, say, in department stores (Nordstrom or something?) that print business cards? I suppose I would hand out the company's card while on the clock and my custom card at social events.
Quote: Originally Posted by Georgia NICE work...must have been one of those days... Tell me about it. I found the suit/blazers at one store and the shoes at another. I could not believe my luck. When I got home, I noticed the RL shirt actually still had the tags and retails for 185$. Very nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack You must be in DC metro. I find a lot of stuff from Britches. Yeah, I'm in Fairfax. I find at least a few Britches ties in pretty much every thrift store I check out around the majority of the NOVA area.
Allen Edmonds "Park Avenue" cap-toe shoe - black - $7 LL Bean penny loafer - cordovan - $6 Brooks Brothers "Golden Fleece" collection suit - navy - $7 Brooks Brothers navy wool blazer - $4 Ralph Lauren - Polo University Club tweed blazer - $4 Ralph Lauren - classic fit shirt - $4 Britches of Georgetowne tie - $1 ..and, for good measure, Tom T Hall - Best of Vol II LP - $0.50
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