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PSA: international for $210.
anyone pick these up? i'm super interested in these:
what decent black boots are in the $200 range? i feel like my choices are desert boots for $100 or red wings starting at $300.
because 20% off brings their stock to just barely above normal retail at any other online store
blackbird is useless :-/
i think you got no views/responses because this is a personal question. no one is you and can speak for your budget, patience, or taste.
i got in off the waiting list but the website redirects me to their marketing stuff. cool. really i just want to give you money and you give me a t shirt.
spring courts are super comfortable. good luck finding them in the u.s. :x (if you find a source for them do tell)
what is allsaints like? is it worth picking up a shirt or two or will it be dead in a couple of months
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