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I'm still enjoying this one but my 39mm explorer 1 gets 70% of my wrist time and my SubC LV like 5% (though it's my favorite).
The shirt looks really good on you SVB. I'm looking forward to seeing how mine turns out. When I was fitted we made pretty minor adjustments except to the back where we removed the box pleat and added darts to try and address how much excess material I have in the lower back. In the past I've only been able to solve this through true bespoke. On another note, how the hell do some of you take such amazing photos!
^^ those shirts look great though. Nice fit too.
I do chain stitch bc I like to fold them.
Definitely, I have those jeans and they're dope.
Some sale section goodies are up...
Thanks!On another note...all EP today...
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