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What about FedEx duties? (sorry, I keep asking about duties today but I've been burned so often)
Good to know?! I'll have to dig up Niagara postal address for future buys.
Does TSM only ship FedEx? Wondering if any Canadian buyers have had issues with duties etc.
Can't wait to break out those kudu boots this fall/winter!
Yes but not until this evening. If no one provides by then I'll measure it.
OK finally got around to a proper pic...excuse the untucked shirt. This is a 38R waffle Ring Jacket model 184. For reference I'm 6" - 6-1" and currently 165 lbs. I'm roughly a drop 8-9 with about 40" chest and 31" waist. I think the arms need to be let out in length. The chest is snug in my armpits but comfortable enough with a thin shirt that I won't risk altering the chest/back. Hope this helps a bit.
As mentioned earlier the 512 is likely next on my list but I think the 380 looks pretty good on you. I think you can't go wrong either way.
God help me if I could get my hands on a mitsukoshi dial speedy. Omega definitely make great watches and know how to market them to a pretty loyal fan base. Personally the new ones (ceramic Speedmaster aside) don't do it for me in person due to their size, but they are great quality. I like a lot of the last and previous generation models though. And the ceramic Speedy models.
You're the same as me. The AD and my friends constantly comment on my watches looking brand new after months/years. #teamocd
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