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This deal is nutso.
The Lost & Found crew are really solid people. Nice purchase too!
AOM will get them this year without pull tabs. You can put your name down for them. Here's the model:
EDIT - shipped. Free shirts... I have two unworn Epaulet x Individualized white poplin (I think) dress shirts I'll give away if you pay shipping (~15 USD). Here's the deal. These were my first Individualized attempt last summer and my adjustments didn't work. My tailor attempted to fix by slimming the arms but then the armholes became way too tight for me. These will work for someone tall 5'11" 6'1" ~ 140-150 perhaps but with super slim build - no lats, no gut. Typical...
Yeah I've never been a huge shell fan but recently been adding to it and appreciating it.So far Alden #8 Alt Wiens for EP, Trickers boots, Carmina Ruby Balmoral for EP and #8 Tanker from AOM (these are not yet arrived). So...still early shell days compared to this thread but I'm enjoying them.
Awesome perspectives from all of you. Perhaps I'll forget about the deer bone. (but still not ready to get my watches scuffed up )
I wish I wasn't so damn anal with my stuff so that I would not care about shoe creases, scratches on my watches and door dings etc. Makes it harder to enjoy stuff. It's been my goal to care less about that stuff.
@rydenfan it sure is!
Good to know as a backup if my local shop is out.Thanks guys.
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