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There was talk a few days ago about loafers for summer. Are loafers usually a popular GMTO this time of year? Wondering if there will be more options and opportunities.
Those navy tan kicks are B-A-N-A-N-A-S
I've always felt the same. It's the only watch that I go from love / hate simply because of the bracelet. Amazing the difference other straps make for the Speedy.
Umm most of the Navy tankers are gone? Man I was just being lazy thinking I had lots of time. Need something to match the navy horween belt I picked up a while ago!
Front porch thefts are a constant fear. That is so shitty man
I've emailed them about a pull. Very quick response saying they'll fix no charge, just shipping.There's no reason you would have to pay duty on it.
I'm 6 - 6'1 and 165 at the moment and I take a medium. I've posted a few fit pics with it in this thread.
....goes to local Goodwill
All EP minus shirt and belt.
Agreed. Also Viberg and Trickers. Some cheaper and more rugged options are Wolverine 1000 miles and Red Wing.
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