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I find the v-neck style fits me real well and corresponds to their other medium shirts and 38R sizes well.The EPLA mediums are quite tight in the same size. I will try them in large next.
Cool, thanks. I think that's the direction I'll go in. Unlike a lot of the shoe guys on SF, I love shoes but I don't love polishing them. If I can get away with a cloth and jar of renovateur then I'm set!
Yeah I think shell is next although EG may be a league I'm not quite ready to play in.I have one pair of shells (red-ish Carmina boots) but I've hardly worn them so I'm not really familiar with the leather.
Your looks are by far the most drastic here - from ultra casual to super sharp. Well done!
I've been lazy with cleaning so here goes. My collection has gone from AE only to EP Carminas and now have EP Aldens coming. Carmina double monks at my office so not shown. The AE have become great crappy weather shoes and I still love the Strands. What next?
Haha yeah. I'm a 38 or 39 (if I nip the sides). I'm pretty sure 40 would have been too big.
I'm hoping not up bc I went TTS. It says it is a slim fit while allowing for a thin sweater underneath.
How are you guys leaving that lbm alone at this price!? Just kopped Venito too. Seriously...don't pass on this...
I tried both size options and ended up in between. So I opted for one size down with insoles and they're perfect.They're meant to stretch a bit too. The 1.5 is consistent for most though so you should be good.
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