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Nice. Show us the other 199 pairs
I recently had a similar experience with Grant last. I sized up 1/2 to try and eliminate the tightness but the sizing up were just too big overall. I haven't tried E width in regular length but like you I have limited Alden access in Toronto and I've already spent over $200 in shipping and returns on these two pairs.
Sorry too distracted with the GMT and Sin They do look dope...guess we know where this is heading.
Can we get some track pant shots - they're getting such rave reviews but I typically don't rock elastic cuffs...
Thanks! That's what I needed to hear. Now if I could only get the entire EP forum to provide fit feedback based specially on my clothes Off to send Mike a note.
I've been hesitant to stretch it though I do remember Mike saying that. Perhaps I'll do that before I decide on my next one.
Agreed - I wear mine almost daily in a similar environment.
Yeah I'm 6' 165-170 so it's the length I'm unsure of but also want it fitted. Thanks for the reply.
Did everyone go TTS on their heirloom? I bought one in my usual 38 but it's a touch short in length and sleeves. But I like how fitted it is. How did you guys size?
I had the same thought. I ordered the olive windowpane someone posted weeks ago so might not be fabric.
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