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Thanks! Olive Doyle, EPNY grey flannel button down and FF rivets (speckled).
All this talk of speckled made me reach for my old FF...
You guys rock...thanks!
Hi....visiting from the Epaulet thread... I'm not an Alden guy (have one pair on Aberdeen) but really trying to track down a pair of shell #8 (can be others too) in a boot without a chunky sole that would work with jeans and business casual. This seems to fit the bill but I'm general 11D and that seems to be the one size they don't have...http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/alden/products/alden-cordovan-8-parajumper-boots Any thoughts on where else I should look...
I'm debating but in the market for Alden shell #8 boots....if I could only find them!
I'll chime in on 33 for 32 Bowery comparison.
Perhaps one of their Japanese cotton shirts? I have a couple that are almost see through...the ultimate summer shirts though.
I'm hoping the Driggs will be a better than the Walts with the lower rise. I have to take in the Walts a lot in the waist and still room to spare but sizing down is too tight in butt/legs.
Ugh alright ordering the Drigg cash cords...
I have yet to rock the Driggs...probably not good to try on FF though. Love my by tweeds though - highly recommend.
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