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I order a pair of low straights on the advice of others in 32 - same as all my officer chinos - and they are waaaaay too small. Have a pair of 34 enroute so hoping for better luck. Curious to hear if something changed.
Or a heavy weight pair with cargos and botton front pockets similar to these - super dope vibe.
Drake and 2 Chainz
I like your thinking!
I dry clean (wet clean actually) linen, wool, moleskin and tweed. Cottons I cold wash gentle and hang to dry.
Great price for these beauties!
Wish it was a medium. Very cool details!
Thank you! My SubC LV is actually the "Hulk" (rather than the older "Kermit").Of course it's completely subjective but I get your perspective. I actually rarely wear this one to work as I feel it's a bit ostentatious when the light hits it. At the same time it looks almost black dial in certain light. It usually comes out on weekends but I find the richness of the green quite mesmerizing.My daily wear is the Explorer l 39mm which is an incredible watch imo that pairs well...
Stingray mids would be next level.
Damn I love those stingrays so much!
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