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Another good option I recently picked up is Rogue Territory Strider. Size 31 has an 11.25 front rise.
Thanks a lot guys. I wore the 32s yesterday and they are definitely the better fit and will be perfect with a bit of stretch.
Couple of questions about the low rigid straights. I bought a pair of 32x32 and 34x32 (pictured above). I'm likely a 33 but there were none. The 32 looks good and I can button them without much discomfort. I would like a bit more room in the top block and was wondering if they'll stretch a bit? My 34 pictured above are too baggy. I'm thinking about giving a cold soak in hopes of shrinking them a bit. I don't have much length to play with though. Will a cold soak shrink...
Very curious to know....thanks! BTW they're awesome pants so hopefully they work for you.
Well they are smaller all around. I'd say all my other 32s are more like 33/34 these are very TTS.They are a soft cotton herringbone...tried to get a shot.
This one I believe...
Just received 2 new RRL tops...paired with rigid low straights.
Received a pair of 32x32 officer chinos with double flap back pockets. They are unfortunately not sized like all my other double flap officer chinos. This RRL sizing game is maddening!
Thanks- that's probably the best bet rather than tackling it myself with scissors.
So I have this little leather nub on my suede chukkas that runs the back of my ankle all day and makes it raw and painful. I think it's a stitch on the verticle seam. I'm only able to wear them if I have a thick bandage on my heel which is kinda silly. I'm tempted to cut through the stitch but that's probably a bad idea. Anyone experience something similar and have a fix?
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