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If the fit is good then cold wash and hang dry (or dry clean).I think the Rivet cut is here to stay.
They can buy me.
I'm all over this.
Hey Mike - a little while ago you posted some dope pics of a leather moto jacket in the making. Any sense of timing and ballpark cost?
I think he cut rivets/walts into shorts.
Same and I agree. These are staples imo.
Congrats on the green shell boots - and those who scored the Walt shorts and moleskin. Awesome hauls. If they don't fit...you know how to find me And now, back to regular programming.
Hahaha probably
Weird I can't select any of the stuff that's been coming up past while (tangerine Walts aside)
I dunno - I'd rather deal with an unfocused work day than an epaulet induced divorce.
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