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Crazy deals here. I'd grab the split toe...if I didn't have a million home improvement projects awaiting.
I think it's too random given the variables of actual salary as well as other potential expenses like mortgage, car payments, car loans, bills, debt, frequency of purchasing shoes etc. I started off with Aldo in my early 20s, then moved to AE in mid 20s and then Carmina and Alden. Naturally my salary has grown during this time but so have my expenses with mortgage, home renos, kids, cars etc. so my disposable income is probably less now than when I was younger.
@epaulet Mike what about the varsity jacket?
Definitely Lost and Found on ossington
Really good to know. Do you think you'll ever expand the Rudy stock line?
Holy striped medium already sold out!? Edit - false alarm. Seemed to correct itself after a refresh.
Agreed - what an awesome fit!
Have you considered EP's Schott wool overcoat? They ran it last year and it's very classic/elegant but also durable. I also picked up the EP LBM overcoat (colombo thermo) but it's definitely a lot more stylish and less wearable than the Schott.And thanks for the great transaction yesterday.Also -- to all in this thread, I highly recommend @steel28 if you're considering. Great seller and some awesome pieces.
@CloudLi, I completely agree with @RogerP and others. You're much better off with two higher end pairs and that will give your shoes plenty of rest. You have some good local options too with Leatherfoot, Lost and Found as well as lots in the US - Shoemart seconds via a proxy might be a good option for Alden too.
Looking to unload a bulk sale of 25 pairs of Walts, Rivets and a few Garrands. I'm not interested in breaking these up or taking measurements of each pair etc. There are some gems in here including tweed, wools, flannels and cotton cashmere cord Walts. I'm 6'1 so the inseam will for the most part be 32" with some to let out. The waist should be around 33 on all and some were altered but as it's Epaulet there's room to take in or let out. A few have never been...
New Posts  All Forums: