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Oh man what a score to whoever grabbed the 38 navy Napoli hopsack. If it doesn't work out hit me up!
I grabbed them just cause. Figure my tailor may be able to do something.
I thought some of their shorts and pants dropped - maybe they were already there though. $35 Walt shorts are a giveaway.
All EP today...on this snowy day!!!
Some crazy drops for the size 34 folks.
I need some Rudys. Great look!
Walts today...
This sounds like one of those can't go wrong either way scenarios
Rivets and EPLA t shirt. Just a PSA until the EPLA hoodies land these H&M ones come in a bunch of colours, are really light and only $15-20 so great for messing around on the weekend.
Wow thanks. Truth be told, I don't rock anything else. I'd say at this point 90% of my wardrobe is EP and that will only grow with the EPLA line taking over my casual pieces. Once the hoodies, Henleys and other pieces drop it's game over I love clothes but I don't like shopping and trying on stuff in stores so this is a great relationship haha.
New Posts  All Forums: