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Mike - that would be incredible if you can add 1" to sleeves and body of the heirloom.
I'm 6-6'l" and average 170-180 (currently at 157) and I live in these.I wear 33 and it's snug (but not tight) in butt and thighs and I often have the waist taken in or pull with a belt depending on the material.It's a really great fit for tall and slim guys.
Can't wait - mine is en route
I take a M and here's the 38 after pulling it down for the shot...then it rides up.
Yikes really? I thought dry clean only?
For me the slim fit is awesome in TTS but the arm and body length are short and I'm always pulling down.
Did any of you size up one in the heirloom or did you all go TTS? I went TTS and it's really borderline. Wondering if it's just mine or others too. And yeah, ecru is bananas.
Side pockets look good with the hood but agree no pockets on the shawl would look great too.
Is that a hood!? Dope as hell. This is still the Canadian east coast company right? Will the size be exactly the same as the last run? Think I need to size up but these are awesomeness.
We robbed Epaulet with those knit ties. Looking sharp.
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