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You're talking about the LBM 1911? I wear a medium in EP shirts and a 38R in the LBMs and all other EP sportcoats. But your best bet is to ask Matt at epaulet.
Congrats!!! #2 is definitely the game changer
Damnnn those shoes! Alden?
I feel as though it's this onehttp://epauletnewyork.com/collections/tops/products/buttondown-collar-sky-blue-chambray
Super casual with raw denim, EP trainers and EP button down. But this is by far the greatest casual shirt ever - the standard EP chambray but it's so light and soft and just gets better after a million washes.
The new FF corduroy coats are nice.. I imagine they'd pair well with Walt tweed and flannel.
All EP minus the shoes. Also wearing my first mto shirt - blue chambray and it's really awesome. Still can't button the necks on the EP/Gitman mto but that just saves money on ties
This is really well put together.
I think various coloured checks or stripes could work. I'm thinking like a purple gingham.
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