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EP shirt, Rivets, Doyle, and Wolverines (excuse the dirty mirror and mess of toys behind).
Story of my life.
Yeah for a dress watch in that range I would be more interested in something like JLC. Still beautiful pieces imo...especially rose gold, but then I'm always a sucker for rose gold watches.
I really like the new Cellinis. Are they in the $20k range?
Haha it's truly addictive. I love my LV and it's definitely staying with me for life. I'm wanting to add an Explorer 1 (39 mm) and a Speedmaster Pro.Down the road I'd love a birth year Pepsi GMT though the prices are getting a bit silly on those.And then there are the BLNR and Portuguese....Don't see any of this happening anytime soon though
Epaulet is why my watch fund is always at zero.....grrr Epaulet....
Those boots are so crazy sick! Waiting for my belts
Thanks for clarifying - I couldn't remember at all.
Just checked the receipt and there was a $39 FedEx fee. I can't remember if I had to pay anything extra but I don't think I did.
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