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Selling my size 10.5 Alden Men's Leisure Handsewn Shell Cordovan on Van last. These fit size 11D. I purchased these new. These have been worn either 2 or 3 times to work. I have only given them a wipe with a cloth. Comes with original box etc. Does not come with shoe trees simply because the weight will increase shipping costs significantly for the buyer. 450 USD + shipping from Toronto.
Probably my favourite pants, though sadly two sizes too small for me. Brown heavyweight wool Driggs with super cool front pockets and cargo pockets. Size 32. One of a kind. Sorry for the crappy phone pics. Here is a fit pic below: Stored in smoke free and pet free home. 130 USD http://www.styleforum.net/t/111211/epaulet-shop-official-affiliate-thread/44970#post_8007719
For sale is a navy melton wool peacoat from Schott (via Epaulet). Excellent condition with no signs of wear. Worn a few times last season and stored in smoke free and pet free home. I can take photos of actual coat but Epaulet's are better. 225 USD + shipping from Toronto.
Awesome. The black is definitely a classic...I'm just worried I may not get as much use out of navy leather.
Thug life.
Question for the old schoolers with Bartlett jackets. You guys still rocking them and happy with them? Stumbled on a L navy I'm considering.
Thanks for doing it though. It's appreciated!!!
Those jeans are so damn good. I have a pair of 32 that I can't even dream of squeezing into but can't bring myself to sell them.
Beautiful GMT...and Porsche! Two of my favourite brands in one photo.
How do guys size Strider vs Stanton? I'm 33 in Stanton (waist is too big though). I can also wear a 32 but it's quite snug although waist is still a bit big- 32 looks ok but is too constricted in the top block. Here's a pic of my 32 Stantons:
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