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Leydon last.
Definitely badass sneakers.
These Alden snuff chukkas are 11.5E (really a D width though on this last). I accidently bought too big as I'm 11D TTS. http://www.styleforum.net/t/525324/alden-unlined-chukka-boots-snuff-11-5e
Thanks a lot. I'll have to dig through some pairs to see if I can give this a go. I guess Walts would make up nicely too.
Wow awesome! Do you have any pics in the same pants before for comparison? Just wondering how much slimmer they turn out.
Interesting, just finished a thread on TRF where Ben was being heavily criticized for an "article" conversation between him and John Mayer regarding the new Daytona.
I debated that one for so long and regret passing on it...as it usually goes around here. Congrats on getting it though!
I'll spare our fellow EP thread friends a lengthy response but will just quickly reply to say that ultimately it's cals in vs cals out that will determine ones body composition. The ratio of carbs to fat to protein is secondary. You can get fat eating chicken and veggies and you can get competition stage ready with a healthy intake of carbs. Real simply once you know your TDEE then you can set caloric intake for your goals- eg slight deficit, slight surplus or whatever....
Dry clean the linen was Mike's advice.
Ha 2 years out from 40 here. Regarding weight loss/gain it is nothing but a simple formula that requires some consistency, tracking your intake and patience. And don't fear carbs!!!
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