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@Steel28 for you...
Hey Mike @epaulet cool to see you continue to bring new offerings. Curious as to the rationale for lycra and how that affects the material (besides the obvious fact that it has some stretch to it).
Thanks guys! The stain wasn't noticeable after dabbing with water. But for good measure it's at the cleaners now.
Have since spilled half a coffee on my coat and am stuck all day at a conference. Ugh this better not stain
I cant remember the name but its similar to obenauf. Also use nano protector.
Sorry I can't hide the image from my phone when quoting (or not that I'm aware of) but as I mentioned on IG these are just stunning. I would put these up against pretty much any Alden shell boot.The photo composition and quality doesn't hurt either
Walts, Somaleo, Alden x Epaulet and EP belt. And LBM coat from Mr. Six whose closet I raided earlier this year.
Thanks to you!
Summer is over which finally means sportcoats back into rotation. Today was a Southwick EFF and Somaleo. Also my Albert Thurston braces arrived so I tried on my new Taylors with them. I would probably wear a more formal dress shirt. Have yet to rock the Taylors or braces...
Nice prices on the Aldens. Wish they were a half size bigger.
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