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All I can do is enable This would also look amazing on a vintage leather strap.
Enjoying these shorts tremendously
I keep them. Have lots of spares but I use them for travel and also to store my sweaters off season.
F-in right!
VISA always...travel points There was also no cash discount option with my Rolex AD.
God I need to stop looking at shell with antique edge...so freaking perfect
@grizzlygiant all I can say is that those are beautiful boots. Congratulations. Good luck with your decision.
Son of a....
For your consideration are a brand new pair of Carmina split toe loafers, tobacco suede on leather sole. These are size 10UK on the Forest last so pretty much a TTS US 11D. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them and they are unworn. I just received them and tried them on for literally 30 seconds out of curiosity and then boxed them. I am selling because I've bought too many shoes lately and these are too similar to a few others I have and I'd rather put the funds...
To anyone who missed out on the loafer GMTO that just came in I'm listing mine shortly. Beautiful shoes but I purchased them during a shoe craze that has left me with way too many similar shoes and not enough in my watch saving account
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