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CityConnection, How did I do on my purchase in terms of price to quality/value? Location: MyEyeDr (local B&M) Vision: R - 2.75/-0.50/175, L -2.25/-0.50/180 1. Oliver Peoples Follies 1281 - $225 http://goo.gl/0Ju0nD 2. Polycarbonate single vision - $40 (I recognize that you don't like poly, but these were what the optometrist recommended to me...) 3. Crizal Alize (the best coating they can provide, sapphire was unavailable) - $68 TOTAL OTD: $333 Thanks!
CityConnection,I finally realized what these are... They say, "ESSEL ARC 86". Essel was the firm that merged with Silor in the 70's = Essilor. So the only thing that came up in a Google search was http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-50s-eyeglasses-frames-brown-gold-filled-ESSEL-ARC-86-made-in-France-/130907869167Wondering if you knew anything more about these Also surprised that you're still very active on this thread through the years, as the quote above was from 2010. Thanks!
haven't posted to sf in a while... wanted to update that it's been about a year since i purchased a lamb brown A2 bomber and a dark royal calf MDR. i've enjoyed these pieces immensely. the bomber has had the most wear by far (is the most versatile). i've also really enjoyed the MDR for its cool factor and for the amazing color that appears almost black at night and can almost look green in certain lighting. the bomber is much easier to wear, looser fitting, and lighter....
Yes, it's frustrating because I can see that he's posting on his FB page but is not responding to my email or my FB inquiry. Perhaps I'll just have to purchase from a mainstream brand instead.
Something tells me that my post on fb and my email to him yesterday will continue to be left unaddressed...
Damn. I just purchased a pair of Dent's deerskin handsewn gloves in bark, size 7.5. However, they're too long in the fingers for me. I'm putting these up for sale. I'd like to recoup the cost of the gloves, which cost me with shipping: $110. Let me know if anyone's interested. Otherwise these are going back on Saturday. I wore them for five minutes and the gloves show no signs of wear.
reality check you are a neurotic weirdo
what has the world come to...blacksburg now has a pho shop and a TOJ jacket exists there as well?! remarkable, considering the best fashion consists of tysons corner mall brands from the NOVA kids.i lost my goretex north face parka in the chem/phys building in my freshman year when i left it in a lecture hall. came back 20 mins later and it was gone. double unfortunate that my oakleys were in the jacket as well.hope it turns up for you.but it probably won't. best to accept...
where in this thread are the full details of toj's end? someone give me a post number.
I've got a mdr in dark blue calf and freaking love it. Great to have the rugged calf with the vicious design. Plus I already have a lamb a2.
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