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and at least in this industry, it isn't a Christmas-bonus style token of gratitude... It is a significant portion of total compensation and basically entails taking the pool of remaining profits at the end of the year and dividing them up between employees. Not a partnership, but much more similar to a law firm than a big company in that regard...I suspect the banks do something similar for non junior staff.
Had a lot of fun playing a couple of simple indie local multiplayer games lately. Nidhogg and Towerfall: Ascension were good times. Simple mechanics but tight gameplay. Was surprising how entertaining Nidhogg was in a local-multiplayer situation...was also a blast to watch so I might do a tournament bracket at some point. We were playing on an awkward mix of Xbox 360 controller, non-analog-stick usb controller, and keyboard...people were capable of winning with any of...
That's why I still sell stuff on ebay. Sure, they take fees and it requires shipping....but I take a few pictures and post a listing. Then, I wait a week and there is money in my paypal account. I never had to make sure to be home at 8pm so someone could come and look at the item and then either not show up or decide not to buy it (If a commodity item looks just like the pictures, works fine, has no undisclosed flaws...why would you come all of the way to my house just...
Nope, our parent company's fiscal year ends on december 31st. Now I have no idea why the bonuses were pushed back to the end of Q1 (although I guess it makes more sense...they get to close out the fiscal year, determine the size of the bonus pool, and then pay out).
I actually don't know when my parent company's fiscal year end is. I guess I just assumed when they placed the bonuses at end of much, it was to tie out to the fiscal year.
fiscal year end bonus
They still feel like condoms, but they are some of the best, porn stars use them, and they are super cheap.
Crown bro
Maybe I will just buy an xbox 360 and flip it... There is a dude on craigslist selling one (the old non-HDD model) with 2 perfectly good controllers for $40.
Those are xbox one controllers I am pretty sure I want xbox 360 controllers (unless the One controller works with the PC USB receiver for the 360)
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