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Nah, he was tweeting "How the hell did anyone find this?". I dug a little further. Looks like J-Pow tweeted about being seated next to McConnell and some other guy who is an avid fan happened to have seen a photo of McConnell on an airplane on his cousin's facebook feed and put 2+2 together.
related, this had been making the rounds in my cyclocross racing social media spheres. Girl takes a photo with Mitch McConnell on an airplane, doesn't realize she is also taking half a photo of #1 US pro cyclocross racer Jeremy Powers (who is super cool and awesome) What I want to know is...who noticed and recognized half of his face in some random chick's photo with a senator?
Hmm, wikipedia tells me that there is no battery in NY, assault is what other states define as battery, and they have a charge of "Menacing" to cover what other states call assault.
But why would you eat them? if given the choice between more bbq (and/or cornbread) and some fried and salted potatoes...why would the potatoes win?
Why not? Physically knocking someone's fragile $500 electronic gizmo out of their hand while charging towards them and yelling seems pretty much exactly like assault. Maybe not battery since there was no physical harm involved (unless that man has dainty fingers), but I feel like an assault charge would be justified there.Guy doesn't have to stick around for the charges to be pressed (victims don't press charges, they simply complain to the state which actually brings the...
Shouldn't she also be charged with assault for hitting that guy's phone out of his hand multiple times?
I'd put it a little high unless GF is for some reason looking for higher-end lessons (as in, already has taken a fair amount of lessons...)I took a look at the school where I used to take instrument lessons in high school (also does voice). Their tuition for the lower of two levels is now $38 for 30 minutes. The top level is $44.But that's for private lessons at a school with facilities, classrooms, ensemble rooms, performance space, and teachers with advanced degrees...
I just come here to see what cool things I can do when I visit friends who have spent their NYC-lives inside the walls of investment banks and thus might as well live in the middle of Nebraska (except with later bar closings and douchier clubs)
Mine comes apart...but all of the pieces go in the dishwasher. So if gome's method doesn't work, everything just gets tossed in the machine.and I only use it for things that I can't/won't do with a knife. Not going to cut basil for pesto by hand...or cut cauliflower down to a rice-like consistency...the time savings more than makes up for the extra washing time.I never use the slicer discs though...can't see how those would save enough time to be worth it (especially...
Good thing she was born in September. I happen to like sapphires and was born in september, so I think birthstones are sweet.If I was born in whatever month has peridot, I'd probably think birthstones were a stupid idea. The tourmaline/opal month would suck too...two different stones, both of which can take on very different appearances or be a range of colors...how is that supposed to promote any sort of birthstone "unity" in the way something identifiable like a...
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