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Why did you just identically copy Douglas's post? Plagiarize much?
I don't think mulching is a problem unless you have let the grass go really long and/or you are cutting it really short. If there is a lot of growth to cut down, you should probably either bag or do it in two passes with your mower at two different heights.
Um.. That sounds like a fantastic idea (unless you are referring to some tragic event I am unaware of)
I do every day (well, except the first)
Whole foods pizza isn't really that expensive. The slices are a decent size and pretty cheap (except by nyc standards). Used to be able to get two for $5 but maybe now it is just 1 for $3something. Way cheaper than spending $8 on a sandwich at a Cosi or something. The by-weight food boxes are expensive and bland...but the pizza's not a bad value.
With every other one I have bought...it worked like any other trade.With mCig, they would throw an error saying that opening transactions must be placed through a broker. Not really sure why (and I doubt every brokerage does this, although I googled it and found reference to eTrade doing it too)...yeah it is a volatile penny stock in a questionable market, but it can't be any shittier than some of the other penny stocks out there.Should have just done it...the fee for...
I was the one who wanted to buy mcig.TD Ameritrade wouldn't let me trade it without going through a live broker for whatever reason...I didn't want to pay that much money to open a relatively small position so I gave up on it.Too bad...looks like it would have been worth the transaction costs.
He was always polarizing (partly due to his knack for cracking up at his own jokes), but I always thought that some of the best SNL bits from that era involved Jimmy Fallon.
Well, sometimes it has to do with non body colored pieces. If you have a lot of black accents, they are going to look good with grey, black, deep blue, etc... but might contrast too hard with white. If the accents were meant to be subtle this is a problem.
I don't believe you. That first dish doesn't look identical to the other 3 and thus can't possibly have come from Prague.
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