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Apparently when you like really old embarrassing photos of someone...it makes them start showing up on everyone else's news feeds.
I say the rhyme...dunno if that is better or worse. Although I don't even know the whole thing...something like: 30 days hath september april, june, and november all the rest have 31 except february because it is fucking weird as shit.
Inspired by this, I just went and liked a bunch of people's photos from 2005.
For reference, that was taken right about here:
Made a video while hanging off the side of table mountain:Sorry for the POS quality...that's what happens when you take a badly compressed video off facebook and then upload it to youtube.
Can I embed facebook video? edit: no, apparently not.
Sup bros. Back in 'murica!
Chilling in Munich on my layover. The real hofbrauhaus has pretzel wenches who wander around with baskets of giant pretzels strapped to their waists. Kind of like hooters but hotter, despite wearing more clothing.
This is the problem with religion and partisan politics here... Watching some shit before the debate about trump and the evangelicals. Come on. Everybody knows trump doesn't give a shit about the evangelicals. They are requesting that he start reading the bible. Trump ain't got time for that. Nothing wrong with wanting a candidate who shares your views, but seems shitty that be has to woo a bunch of Iowa fanatics before getting to people who might actually want him. ...
The terminal 1 united lounge at ORD is pretty legit.
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