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Tonight, I am seeing The Suburbs (with the suicide commandos opening). Some of the older SFers may know what I am talking about.
I think it is all palate fatigue (in addition to the obvious fact that a stiff liquor based drink will have more alcohol than a bud lite). When you switch drinks, you change up the flavors that your taste buds have grown tired of and give them something exciting and new. When you switch to a screwdriver, you think "ahh that's a nice and refreshing thirst quencher" and you drink it faster than you would have drunk the next rye and coke. You don't get tired of drinking...
I like the Menz Room. I don't know what everyone is complaining about because I can go there and for $30, have a beer, get shampooed, and have my hair cut by a stylist (not a barber)... No massages, but I think there was a dog there the last time I went.
3 poppers? Is that better or worse than taking 2 marijuanas?
Take it out for one last uber shift tomorrow night...will easily make back the cost of the tire. I hear lyft raised their prime time cap and uber will probably be super high all of NYE.
I just bought my friend a 4-person ticket to go play archery tag for his birthday. It sounds like it is basically paintball, but with bows and arrows.IIRC, she was just a regular poster who was either headed in matt's direction for business or personal travel. Met up, or maybe he gave her a place to stay, and something kindled. Eventually she moved there.
That works, but for a few cloves, it isn't faster than smashing them with a knife.I basically only try that method when I am making something like the garlic tart from Plenty where I need a ton of peeled cloves, and I need them whole (the smashing technique only really works when you are going to cut up the garlic).
The only problem with that article us that they are cherry picking power programs with either lots of profits or big donors like Phil Knight (I read a book about college football recently that joked that Oregon and Oklahoma State are "the only two college teams with owners"). The reality of the situation is that most athletic departments receive some funding from the university. If something crazy happened (a scandal perhaps) and Alabama suddenly lost a bunch of...
Go to YouTube and watch someone bash a clove with the side of a knife so the peel just falls off. Takes literally 2 seconds and you won't have to worry about how long it lasts in a cool dark place.
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