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I have a life size 1979 Kawasaki 400cc... Wanna give him the real thing?
Russian-Latvian restaurant last night. Food still plated like food everywhere else... But I dunno that I could have gone much more Latvian without ending up back at potato pancakes. Boarding a plane to Tallinn now... I expect the food will just get more Nordic. More dill and fish with root vegetables. Foodguy is right about the pop music though. Places have local pop music, but when we rented a car for 2 days, every time we came in range of the local pop station, they...
Not that I don't agree about a homogenization being sad. I've avoided much of the Italian and French food offered thus far in the Baltics... But avoiding Scandinavian influence seems quite difficult as we move further north.
The fish soup seemed fairly Latvian, and it seems that much of Latvian dining is heavily influenced by the Scandinavian cuisine which is getting to be so hot now elsewhere.It was a place with a focus on local and seasonal ingredients and I would say the little purees and accoutrements were not what I would have expected elsewhere.But of course it is nothing like the variations on meat and potatoes that make up the low end of Latvian cuisine which I have had plenty of......
Latvia now. Bread Soup Slow cooked salmon Monkfish Lamb
Some poorly captured photos of the things I didn't immediately start eating. [[SPOILER]]
Ate at bistro 1 dublis in Vilnius. Incredibly good tasting menu from a Noma trained chef for the absolutely absurdly low price of just under 25 euros (I know Lithuania is cheap... But it isn't that cheap). Was super lucky to snag a canceled table with a couple hour's notice. The butternut squash soup dish was incredible and the orange pith (listed as apple on the menu card) ice cream was one of my favorite desserts ever.
Everlane weekender. Its the only bag I brought (man purse packed inside)... Hopefully I brought enough crap
See you fucks in October.
Going to be abroad for the remainder of the month. The weekender has everything I need except the clothes on my back, with room to spare (at least I hope I have enough stuff).
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