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First, They are large because they are full frame. You can shed a lot of bulk by dropping the mirror system, but you can't get around the size of the sensor and the fact that the laws of physics dictate the lens size used to resolve to that. You can make some minor adjustments by not having to focus as far back into the camera, but you still need big pieces of glass.Second, I see nothing confusing. It is significantly closer to a 35mm sensor than most...
Foo, I know you keep saying this (In fact I posted my Q here since there was a bunch of discussion a few pages back on mirrorless rigs), but I'm not buying it. Nobody wants to use adapters. They suck and aren't ideal. With film being long gone, "full frame" is just a vestigial reference to the 35mm standard. A m4/3 sensor is "full frame" for a m4/3 lens--its not like APS-C where you are shooting with a lens designed to hit a larger sensor (and are thus paying for glass...
Any suggestions for older m4/3 bodies that might be worth looking at? I'm not adverse to used/closeouts, especially since they often come with decent glass if someone is just trying to get rid of them. For example, Panasonic was closing out the GF2 body (in red :vomit: ) for $160 last week with the 14mm f/2.5 lens...that lens alone sells for more than double that. Limited stock though and now completely gone.
Thinking about going for a Micro 4/3 camera setup. Going to sell a couple of canon lenses and an ancient D60 body (takes great photos, but autofocus and low light performance are abysmal), and hopefully find a deal on the cheaper side. Basically I am at a point where the S95 doesn't take pictures that warrant carrying it in addition to my phone in most situations, and the D60 with a zoom is just too big to bother with considering the limitations of the body. Some of the...
Boiled leather is pretty dang sturdy. A light and flexible rapier (and who knows how sharp the tip is...although I feel like the two of them would both have their blades sharp) being propelled by a little girl might have trouble going very far through it. I don't think she was trying to kill him either. She knows not to try and stab someone in that area (especially with armor)--I think she was just saying she had no qualms about harming him.
I enjoyed this one.Arya and the hound were great.We got a nice little battle (that probably didn't eat up too much of their budget).Jon and bran didn't meet and now bran can be on his way.Little funny that lysa and sweet Robin know who sansa is... But tv audiences might have trouble believing she wouldn't be recognized by her own aunt. [[SPOILER]]
Either they are trying to generate clicks (they are signed up for some affiliate program and are just trying to generate clicks until they get banned from the program for spamming) or they are trying to drive their site's search result rankings up...lots of outbound links from a popular forum that will both show up in search results themselves and help the linked to site appear higher.
What kind of stuff did you used to animate?
Had a bit of a LAN party last night for my buddy's birthday. Its pretty much the only time I can bring myself to play games anymore (though I practiced a bit over the past week...) -I think I am finally starting to get the hang of DOTA 2. I still don't particularly care for it, but at least I can sort of play it (a few of my friends are big on dota...one of them is currently unemployed and I am pretty sure he is literally trying to go pro). -CS:GO was pretty sweet. I...
Honestly, at least with the RRLs, the first machine wash after some wear is a big improvement
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