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I think the real reason it worked is that they are set to scale onto AWS (and if possible, they may have devoted resources to the OW launch that they will move over to the next WoW expansion launch when OW calms down). They mention this in the video as an aside, but it is the real reason why the game could cope with the launch. The netcode just makes it work once you get a slot in a server.The tick rate thing doesn't bother me that much. Maybe I just don't really notice...
Definitely a dragonglass spear head. I think the children know about dragonglass, hence the supply of spears.
Summer was pretty much literally killed by winter. I suspect this may have been part of the plan...I could be way off base, but I suspect that, while the white walkers were happy to kill the man in the tree, they don't actually want to kill Bran. They want him to flee south to the wall where his mark can break down the magical defenses that hold it together. Bran the Builder erected the wall, and now Bran the Broken is going to become Bran the Breaker.Lol. Yeah, my...
OVERWATCH! Game is slick. Launch went smooth. Servers were up maybe...10 minutes late?
It didn't work. I saw you say "test"
First line ever spoken to hodor in the show (from S1): "hodor, help bran down the hall"
You can still carry on plenty of food.Just has to be firm enough that it doesn't count as a liquid or gel (or you gotta put your cream cheese tubs in your liquid bag).I've taken sandwiches and pastries through security without issue...though if it is international, you might have to lie to customs if you plan on importing it rather than eating it on the plane...
You should see this artisinal hand crafted excel table I made
Hodor Heldor
It is funny...because we spend a good amount of time figuring out how to delicately inform lawyers "Sorry, we are not willing to do/say that"
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