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Asset test went away last year when the healthcare marketplaces went into effect. It is just 133% of poverty level now (which can vary depending on things like pregnancy). As to paying foreign hospitals... This was an emergency not a planned procedure, I'd vote to cover it. Also, based on my limited knowledge of costs for this kind of care, I think her total bill is way less than the same bill would have been in the US for an emergency c section, a bunch of premature...
When I looked at some Iowa website, I saw something like 3500a month for a pregnant family. They have another kid but I don't think that is going to raise it to 75k.She only had one kid. The others belong to her sister who for all we know is doing just fine.And I do make a distinction for the wedding... We don't even know how she paid for it, but attending a meaningful life event is not the same as randomly deciding China sounds like fun.Setting aside that I don't think it...
cmon, I thought the ninja turtles covered this one.
For all we know, her siblings chipped in to get their poor sister a flight to the sibling's wedding. Notice, it appears her husband (or at least the child's father) and her 4 year old child did not join them on the trip. Or maybe she scraped together the 2k for a ticket to china by cutting expenses and holding off on other purchases while living a modest lifestyle (and I think a pregnant woman with a child can still be making like $40k in iowa and qualify for medicaid). ...
And a combination of my last 2 posts in this thread (although the macro lens isn't being used at macro length in this situation).
Olympus OM-D e-M10 to replace my e-PM2 I know not everyone is crazy about the vintage inspired camera design trend going around (especially with the silver model)...but I can't get over how much this camera looks like my dad's camera I learned how to shoot on:
Not an ideal first bike... It is pretty large, and it appears to be in good shape which makes it worse when you drop it.
So it sounds like they even had some sort of travel insurance (although it could have been some automatic kick-in from a credit card or something).I don't think it is fair to fault them for being on medicaid...maybe they are perfectly happy with their lives and incomes and happen to qualify. Would you reject coverage and pay out of pocket if you were eligible? Ataturk would probably say he would, but rational people would take the medicaid.
Does the drawstring on the Lightning Bolt swim suit go all of the way around the waist, or just cinch at the fly? I like being able to tie it securely around my waist when I am actually going to be in the water...not sure I will be able to cinch it tight enough if it only crosses at the fly.
I have them, but I am not so sure that they actually work better. I had them on the bike for a while and I thought I could get a better field of view from the bar end mirrors.The bar end mirrors also look a lot better on this bike IMHO.
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