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Well damn. Although we'll see where it sits tomorrow at the close. After hours numbers are kind of bogus anyways...true one day pop numbers need to be close-to-close (and really, adjusted to account for the rest of the market's performance). They do indicate sentiment though...and sentiment seems pretty negative on those results. When I used to do this kind of stuff, we very rarely touched after-hours numbers. And intraday numbers only came out if you were looking at...
I always just assume that people who complain about stuff like that have terrible diets. The size of the burrito, combined with the abundance of fiber (my standard burrito has almost 30g of fiber...a Big Mac has 3) is going to induce some digestive changes in someone who eats like shit.
I dunno...if I cared (and didn't believe the current court's interpretation), I'd probably be all over that too. I mean, how long did crazy people beg for a birth certificate to prove that obama was actually born in america (when really, with the interpretation of "natural born", it didn't matter where he was born since nobody was disputing his mother's identity)? Here you've got a guy from that side, who we *know* wasn't born in america. I'm not so sure that pointing...
Sold my VOD, which I honestly didn't have a good reason for holding (I mean, it has a good dividend, but I already took my profits from their Verizon spinoff, which was the original rationale for buying it). Spent that money and the floating cash in my IRA on ATVI...Spent a minute looking at it on the bloomberg and it seems to check out, but let's hope OmniscientCause is right. My chief concern today is that analyst coverage is too positive on the stock. Normally that'd...
3 days is pretty short term though. I'm not talking about drawing out these positions for years or even months.I mean...someone who was gambling on a TSLA earnings pop might have started loading up on shares last week (after shares had already dropped a lot from a month before)...not much of a pop for them!It is sure a nice little surprise, but it kind of sucks that a better than expected earnings bump can't erase even the last week of poor performance.
Not much of a pop if you look back a whopping 3 days...
I normally get a bowl...but it seemed appropriate to get an actual burrito for my "free burrito"
I didn't go for extra meat (they couldn't wrap up my full set of toppigns very well as it is), but thing rang up $0.00 with guac
Two teslas. Put one in self drive mode and have it follow you.
Alright, those of you who downloaded the other despecialized editions from me...I have placed the v2.5 ROTJ in the same place. If anyone else wants in on a copy, just shoot me a PM and I'll hook you up.
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