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Uber does a shitty job routing cars to my office. Due to one ways and restricted turns they always find me a car that is "1 minute" away but by the time they start navigating to me, they are in some shitty spot and it takes 5+ minutes. If they had just given me one of the cars that was 2 minutes away, but in the right direction, I would be on my way home now.
+1Can't say something like that without a link to the action!
I mean...all of those kids in the prequels aren't coming from jedi parents since the jedi weren't supposed to have families. But I suppose they could have been coming from force sensitive parents who just weren't found and trained (or who weren't that strong, but their offspring have grown stronger).
I suspect it is based on thumb count somehow. Possibly includes thumbs given as well....can't quite figure out how it is weighted. Maybe there is a post-count or join-date component as well.
I thought both were great.Adam Driver definitely brought a bit of himself to the character, but I think it worked well. [[SPOILER]]
Tried to finish my repairs and winterize the bike. Turns out the throttle cables I got are too long Not only are the housings too long (which wouldn't be terrible, they would just hang out extra far), but the cables inside are a couple inches too long and thus no amount of adjustment can take out all of the slack. I put my damaged cables back on (changing them is a PITA) and they are still functional enough that I could go out for one last bit of a ride in order to...
Canopy! the word appears to be canopy. At least that's what I found by googling installation instructions for various poulsen lamps and hoping they had a detailed parts diagram. Now I just have to find one that looks decent.
I'm about to hang a Poulsen lamp that I got with a bare wire. any idea for a replacement top piece (what is it even called? mounting plate?) that would cover the hole left by a contractor-grade ceiling fan? I can't come up with the right words to google.
Let one of my computers accept the upgrade from windows 7 to 10. Was assured that it was a fast and painless transition...everything just works and you don't have to do a complete format and reinstall like was recommended with previous versions of windows. Now the motherfucker crashes every 5 minutes or so. Can't identify the cause and I don't have time to deal with this shit right now, so one computer is now useless until I can sit down and troubleshoot.
Yeah, I was worried at the beginning that he was overly emotive... But he was totally cool with me in the end.
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