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what are those packs?
I have firstlast@gmail.com That's all I need. Although I don't actually use it...just check in every once and a while to see what kind of weird shit people have mailed to old men who share my name and thought it was their email address.Nah, you keep it parked with whatever registrar you want, and then let google host the mail side (I think it is free for personal domains). You get the full gmail interface (plus calendaring, access to gchat using that account, access to...
Just use google apps for your domain...it is better than whatever shit godaddy provides anyways.
I think the real reason plumbers don't like the Lye stuff (besides wanting you to pay them instead of buying a bottle of Drano) is that when it doesn't work and is just sitting there in the drain, they have a lot more work to do. Something that would have been a 5 minute job--pull the trap over a bucket, clean it out, stick something the rest of the way down the pipe to make sure it is clear, and be done--now has the added complication of having dangerous chemicals lodged...
But seriously, once you get it flowing again, this stuff really does seem to work....30-40 uses for 8 bucks unlike the liquid products where you might get 2 uses. And, while I am not sure I actually believe the plumbers who say the lye-based products (drano) will destroy your pipes, the enzyme based products won't harm anything and are pretty safe to store and use.
The zep drain care powder enzyme stuff has worked very well for me. A few consecutive days of treatment has always cleared up slow drains for me and also taken care of drain flies at my old place. Just run the hot tap, pour a put of boiling water down, and then chase with a scoop of prefer mixed with a pint of hot water before your go to bed or to work and let it sit for 6+hours. Doesn't have the risk of drano, and one jar is good for many drain treatments. Need a...
Jesus, it is pouring fucking rain outside. I called a double price Lyft so I didn't have to stalk out a cab outside. No I'm not going to walk a block to your car because you are too lazy to navigate some one ways and pull up in front of my building.
I noticed that a week or two ago as well. They must read SF and thus decided to ramp up the horseradish flavor.
Good shit right here:
The dude who can out-brake modern ABS had a Kia? Definitely the vehicle to learn to feel the difference between static and dynamic friction on...
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