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In my experience, Fridays work fine if you do it right away.If you leave work, go to a happy hour, start drinking, eventually eat something, keep up a certain level of consumption, it is ok.If you go home and relax...maybe go out a little later and eat a booze free or one drink dinner. Then you will be tired. You'll be full and not very thirsty, so even if you go to a lively bar, you'll drink one beer slowly and just feel extra full and tired. Certain levels of...
Ah, she went with the unexpected response option..."the photo is fake, but the events are not." And did not remove the posts. How Machiavellian.
Also, facebook decided to let her keep the photo. To be honest, I'm not really sure why. That's a pretty disgusting thing to scroll through in your news feed. If you can't have some boobies in your feed, why can you have the torture, rape, and murder of some guy on there free and clear? I'd rather see the boobies.
Some relative posted that they were upset that someone reported their photo to facebook for containing graphic violence They reposted it in the comments and it turns out it was this Benghazi/anti-Hillary meme that has been going around. You'd recognize it if you have seen shows a gruesome photo of someone being tortured and claims it is the ambassador being burned and raped because of Hillary. isn't the ambassador at all, or even a photo of the...
Yeah......If you don't fucking know how to cook rice.
Now if you want 16 cylinders, you better put that shit in a W shape! Vs are so last century.
I suppose it depends on your definition of "reasonably portable" I mean, my dad used to have a second 12-cup drip machine that he would travel to sailing races with because hotel machines rarely have sufficient capacity...technically that fits in the car and is thus portable.
I dunno...the only people I have ever seen buy and eat frozen rice were asians in college. And that was just plain white rice. I'm not even sure I would have known that such a thing existed otherwise.
Maybe he's using you as a rabbit? Terrified of getting a speeding ticket, but figures if he follows you, you'll get nabbed before him.
They did something funny with the minis. Basically, the 2 and the 4 are the "current" models. You can still find the 3 for sale places, often at a clearance price.I'd be hesitant to go with 16gb...32 or 64 is better if you are going to be installing kids games, putting movies on it, etc.The mini 2 is pretty capable, and AFAIK, the specs are pretty similar to the mini 3--you might be able to find a good deal on a now-discontinued 3, which would get you 64gb instead of...
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