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My buddy bought the Monoprice LP knockoff. It plays really well (and a friend who is much better at guitar than I am also agrees). I really don't think you could do better than it for $130. Tuners were cheap, and the volume knobs were a little funny (maybe they aren't audio pots?) All the volume control was in a few #'s and the rest of the knobs travel had no effect. Still though, action was good and the pickups sounded good my old amp that he is borrowing. Would...
Yeah, if the half life of caffeine in the body is something like 6 hours and you drank 20 cups on one day...I don't know if it is an exponential or linear decay, but if we assume exponential (webmd seems to confirm this), we can figure this out.Lets assume PB started at 8AM and drank 8 ounces of coffee every 30 minutes until 6PM. So 200mg per hour from 8 on.By my math, PB would still have a full cup's worth of caffeine in his system at 3PM the next day. And that is...
Yeah, I like Oberyn's casting a lot. This video is pretty lulzy (sorry, can't embed since it isn't from youtube...it is SFW though) http://io9.com/first-crazy-look-at-hustlers-this-aint-game-of-throne-1548983995
Never sold anything on reverb...but on ebay I would be super sketched out if a bidder didn't pay immediately. It only happened once (with a $5 Cuisinart attachment...and they eventually paid) but after 48 hours, you are supposed to open an unpaid item case. And you aren't supposed to open an unpaid item case until you have made attempts to communicate with the buyer... So I imagine the sequence goes like this: -Auction ends/buy it now happens. -The website offers them a...
I keep telling you, I know that creating a website filled with dictures *sounds* like a good business plan...but there is no way you are going to make any money with it when so many dudes out there are competing with you for free.
In the book, Ramsay has a previous reek. [[SPOILER]]
I don't know about old people doing it...they are just weird.But for young people, there is kind of a history behind it. The first couple of years of facebook were *very* different than they are now...and birthday greetings were kind of a thing. People would blow up someone's wall on facebook for their birthday in much the same way that people might put up a giant piece of construction paper on someone's dorm door for their birthday for everybody to write happy birthday...
My grandparents had a fairly extensive deck at their cottage made from treated pine. I do remember replacing a couple of rotting boards once every few years... But that is a hell of a lot less work than than staining such a large area. All of the fire escape "decks" on walkup apartments around here are also unstained pine and they seem to hold up well with zero maintenance. Of course you have to be OK with a grayish deck more than a brownish deck.
Deck stain seems too complicated...just let that shit go au natural.
Was he offering FiOS?Because I'd love some FiOS options around here.
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