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Man, I've been posting that video on the internet since before I came to SF (not that exact video since it was posted in 2012...probably some other version that got taken down).
That video is truly fantastic.It is also, unfortunately, just about the only video of prince playing the guitar that you can find on the internet.
Was totally expecting Mike to pull the trigger (and miss the kill-shot of course...leaving him crippled but alive...Mike flubs the reload and can't get off a second shot). One of the rare instances in a prequel type environment where someone can point a gun at a character from the original and you won't be sitting there saying "well, of course he doesn't actually shoot him"
The Westerosi Debt Crisis is no laughing matter.
I just got a notification that someone had commented on a friend's post. I thought it was odd as I haven't touched any posts by that guy in years. Clicked on it and it was a "glad to hear you are ok" comment on a post about an accident from 2 years ago. wtf?
and some ATACs
I thought this season was pretty solid. Can't move too fast or you'll just catch up with breaking bad...how else can you make the show run for extra seasons?
Gome inspired me to sharpen my CRKT Drifter which had a chip in it. I'd been holding off because of both the recurve and because the big hollow grind makes it hard to sit flat on the edge pro (and it is too small to just clamp it in place on the non-ground section of the blade). Got the chip out and the blade's looking great (though not as perfect as gome's). Keeping it flat on the hollow grind wasn't so bad now that I added magnets to my edgepro. The recurve was...
The warm air is less dense and is just sapping engine power so you aren't putting as much force into the wheels.
Hey, if you don't want to profiteer this tragedy, I'm sure someone else will pick up the slack.
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