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You want to replace the billing lady?
The boat heels over when the wind is blowing hard, so the people go sit on the high side of the boat to help flatten it out. Even if the skipper's weight is tiny compared to the boat, being up on the edge gives your a much better view. Being right in the middle of a big fat boat... It would be hard to see around you.Some racing boats go with one big wheel that can be reached from both sides of the boat, but that takes up a lot more space and on a luxury cruiser, your want...
I could be wrong but I think there is a Corbin seat for the sv650 that is supposed to be way comfier and about an inch taller.
Get some of dat giardiniera? :headbang:
Hmm I suppose that depends on who you ask.The current office is on the executive floor (although all of the windowless offices across from the executives suck and get foisted upon new hires), but while large, it is not large in a grandiose way. The desk is U-shaped around the perimeter, so if someone comes to my office, I can't have them sit across the desk from me...instead they sit basically next to me. Good for actually working or reviewing things on my monitor, bad...
Also is anyone actually arguing that roommates get you laid (besides larry's sugar daddy)? I don't think they should inhibit you (and you don't really want any chick who is going to refuse to sleep with you because you ahve roommates at 26), and while you might get to sleep with some of their friends, but I don't think that should be a prime consideration. And hey, I know someone who looked at an apartment, didn't move in but kept in touch with the potential roommate,...
I think my office may have originally been built for two (or at least housed two workers in the past)... Given the choice between the office-mate and the studio-office, I would definitely take the studio by myself.
Just as a counterpoint...It is not like the world is going to end if you ride in a pair of super hardy leather boots. Lots of folks out there recommend heavy boots as a fair compromise. Especially if you are taking it easy in your early ownership...I'd rather have a real armored jacket and pants with some sort of enhanced protection long before getting rid of some redwings as riding boots.
And I am not sure I will necessarily get a better option any time soon. The guy who sits next to me now is ahead of me in line and he would have taken it if it were just a little bit better (little bigger or little less awkward layout)...So I would need more than one upgraded location to open up before it gets to me.
I have to decide soon if I want to switch to a different office. Pros of my current office: - Relatively Big, 110-120 sq ft. - Lots of desk space (about 40sq ft U shaped) - Built in shelving and file cabinets, room to store boxes under desks - On the "main floor" of our building with the receptionist, better bathrooms, primary kitchen, top brass, etc. Cons of my current office: - Window only sees other buildings. - Built in furniture/carpet is a bit old and worn. -...
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