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For all the hate on granite and its ubiquity...I don't mind it. My current apartment is the first place I have lived with it (and it is a less pukish variety) and it seems pretty good. Cleans up easy, no staining, haven't been able to damage or mar the finish, nice for rolling out dough, etc.
Pixie for $149: http://www.cutleryandmore.com/nespresso-pixie/coffee-espresso-maker-p126312 Comes to $75 when you factor in the $75 credit for pods from here: https://www.nespresso.com/us/en/SpringPromo
I don't know why everyone thinks this...maybe it is true somewhere, but in most civilized places, they can't just fuck up your property and say "too bad". People in the chicago reddit thread where I found this kept claiming that with conviction until people showed up with proof.http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/streets/provdrs/traffic/svcs/overview_of_towingprocess.htmlSomebody posted some stats saying there weren't that many claims actually filed and paid each...
Just keep brushing. Should be fine in a week.
I assume many have seen this: Glad my tax dollars probably bought this guy a new front differential.
Swim suit looks nice. Any chance of it in something like a light blue? Dark colors like that just highlight how pale us Nordic white folk are !
The PC version is fine, and if you buy it through steam, it will actually run on mondern computers (getting the CD version to run on windows 7 is difficult).
Sam was already ruined by making "Sam the Slayer" a pejorative term. He's just another TV "fat character" now.
"Most" companies aren't gigantic organizations.Sub-200 person firms aren't as prone to having back hole application websites and inept HR drones that have to resort to search terms to sift through thousands of resumes. I'm not saying there aren't 100 person firms who get boatloads of applicants, but the majority don't. Heck, my office alone is bigger than that and I bet someone takes a serious look at every resume that comes into our firm's website. I also doubt that we...
New Posts  All Forums: