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You sold your old place right? Still, even with the current house alone, how much of your assets are tied up in real estate?If I bought property, I would immediately be cutting out a lot of the REIT holdings I currently have. At the very least, transitioning the ones that deal with residential property to be more commercial focused.A single home obviously lacks the diversification, but don't forget that it represents a lot of exposure to the market.
Why do people say clean as a whistle? Whistles are kind of nasty really...
Shouldn't be hard...there are definitely cheesemakers in CA. Only very fresh curds squeak...but I personally prefer them deep fried and melty
Still been pushing $1k a day into my wisebanyan account. Went through with selling my snap-on position yesterday. Not sure where I am going to redirect that money yet. Probably just bolster existing investments rather than buying something new. I'm becoming less and less stoked on actually having to make investing decisions. I'm not 100% satisfied with wisebanyan, but I am pretty happy with it. If they (or one of the other robo-advisors) could offer a few more...
Isuzu Vehicross There's a yellow one that parks on my block. Only made a few thousand of them, and only a handful in yellow. Goofy looking thing, but my dad still drives a 98 Trooper and it has always been a good car...so I always notice the goofy little Isuzu when I see it.
I thought you could get rid of most of the crap that they install on the S7? Or at least they had far less stuff on it than previous S* models.I rather enjoy android when it isn't covered in bloat...But my 2013 moto X is getting old, and neither of the current Nexus phones appeal to me very much.
You have some cheese curds with that?
Could there be something with differing levels of ethanol content (and ethanol subsidies) in the higher grades?Or can you basically not buy gas without Ethanol anymore?
OK guys, I am over the Transit Connect (maybe I'll wait until MB makes a mini-Sprinter). How about one of these bad boys instead? Who doesn't need a 2-door SUV?
I just came up with an app idea, that I think I might actually try to create. Not a moneymaker or anything (limited market, and easy to duplicate), but 1) I can't find an existing attempt (except for one project that is way more complicated, is only installable as a windows/linux program, and doesn't seem active). 2) I know there is a population who would find it useful 3) Should be not too complicated for me to create as my first app (I've always just wanted to have an...
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