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The stated description on that picture: Office grunt. I'm not even kidding.
Whoever gets me for secret Santa next year better buy me a CNC titanium spinner
That's a shallot.
And of course he vapes
looks like maybe...half? of the posts on front page of /r/edc include a gun (although, amusingly, none of ones that claim to be military have a gun) Multiple posts where people have stupid spinning objects. Some are literally just: Wallet, Phone, Headphones, Stupid Spinner, Pack of Gum. Then there is this guy... wtf? gotta have that spare mag for your gun...along with your inhaler, bigass tube of lotion AND vaseline tub... of course, he has a stupid spinner thing too.
I have a real Site Topic issue. Clicking the "insert link" button doesn't seem to properly grab cursor focus. It takes focus if I click it right away, but if I have already started typing a reply (and thus the cursor is in the post text box), I can't click the link icon, ctrl-v, enter. If I paste, the url just goes straight into the text of the post. The "insert image" button works correctly. If I click the button, I can immediately hit ctrl-v to paste in my image url.
Apparently the EDC (everyday carry) people have run out of potentially useful things to cram in their pockets. Now they are just grabbing on to random crap as long as it is precision CNC machined: ("Affordable" at $50) There are tons of these things...all they do is let you spin them between your fingers. edit: and why is the guy in the picture wearing black latex gloves?
Someone just nabbed the Buy it Now price on a camera I was selling. Sometimes when this happens, I think "maybe I should have set the BIN higher, there were a lot of views and watchers and it still had a couple of days left..." But I just pulled up the order confirmation for the camera. Turns out I just sold it for $76 more than I paid for it. Brand new. In May 2014. Ebay's a weird place.
I assume I can only do fittings in SF?
Well I did say that was a concern for groups...Aeropress is fine for 2.A liter is only a little more than a quart, so 4 standard us cups... Or 5-6 "coffee" cups.Although I have definitely just filled a mostly empty coffee nalgene with water and basically had super watered down coffee as a trail drink.
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