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I think that includes anywhere that you order at a counter, and they make the food in response to your order (as opposed to say McDonalds, where a lot of food is already made).Chipotle is the biggest example...but I think most non-fast-food lunch places would also be included. Chipotle just took it past the idea of only serving sandwiches/salads.
If I'm headed to a super bowl party, I will probably pick up a crave case. Was out of town last Superbowl, so no sliders for me.
it is worth noting that [[SPOILER]]
Remember the investigative reporter Velcoro beat up in the beginning for digging into Vinci corruption?It is going to turn out he wasn't just some cub reporter.
Check out this super shitty video starting at about 2:30...looks like what you might be trying to do:
I've used TuxGuitar years ago, which reads powertab and guitar pro files like those you find on Ultimate Guitar. Worked fine...showed both notes and tabs, allowed you to print them, get some midi playback if you want to hear a section, etc. Guitar Pro is probably better, but costs money. There is also Finale which is kind of the standard sheet music editor. Has a tab function...you can actually take music in standard notation, copy-paste to the tab line, and it will...
I mean...properly adjusted road rim brakes have enough force to lock up the rear wheel and endo you over the front wheel, all while providing plenty of modulation. Even true of lower end lines...tiagra or sora should have no trouble throwing you over the bars. You aren't functionally missing out on anything by not having disc brakes. There may be some advantages in shitty weather, but unless you are a pro, how often are you pushing your road bike to the limit in the...
I think that's better than the americans who have 2-3 times more than necessary.
Do you wander around with triple-break pooling around your ankles?I don't think your non-jawnz pants are supposed to be so long that your socks don't show when you sit.
They are all over the cyclocross market (which has thus driven the road-compatible hardware). I do feel like much of it has been manufacturer-driven rather than demand driven though. For instance, a lot of manufacturers don't offer their top lines of CX bikes with anything besides disc brakes anymore...but they make limited runs for their sponsored pro riders who still want rim brakes. More of a way to sell you something new and expensive and make you feel like you...
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