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Although I got a little worried at the end...the guy who created the Burger Lab (and once ordered a burger as rare as possible so that he could go home and dissect the uncooked center to identify the cuts used in the blend) is talking about rarely ordering meat when he goes out anymore? What has moving to the west coast from NYC done to the man?!
I have a brix refractometer...can I use that to tell how much I am extracting my coffee? Or do I need a different kind of refractometer?
I don't attempt to. but for whatever reason, it is brought to my attention via facebook everytime this asshole writes about reclining airline seats and now apparently foie thanks to foodguy (he didn't post it, but it showed up after something he posted).
The guy who wrote this article about anyone who eats or intends to serve foie gras being definitely an asshole: http://gawker.com/foie-gras-is-for-assholes-1678213499?utm_campaign=socialflow_gawker_facebook&utm_source=gawker_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow I realized about 2 paragraphs in, that this is the same gawker asshole who is leading a campaign against being allowed to recline seats on airplanes with articles such as "Don't Want Me to Spit on You When You Recline...
PM a copy of that shit, I wanna see
Now I am less sure about my standard-ninja-300 idea. The suzuki had completely slipped my mind...I see them around (used to be one down the street from me), but do they qualify as a huge success? Maybe having kawasaki behind it and using the 300 platform would step it up a bit...the 300 is simply a lot more bike than the tu250x (I even see threads out there from people who bought 300s as their second bike after learning on the tu250x). ABS, slipper clutch, rear disc,...
Oh, I totally forgot you ended up with one of those (and that they existed) @GreenFrog: The TU-250x might be a great bike for you. Like the 300, I wrote them off due to my size, but it would probably work well for you.
I hate when people quote the wind chill temp only. Ed: you are in your fucking car. There is no wind chill. You can quote the actual temp, or both, but never just the "feels like" bullshit. It only feels like that if you don't know how to bundle up against the wind (or how to...not stand in the wind).
You've already got the scale out...just keep the whole thing on the scale, zero it, and start pouring.
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