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Yeah, for a rapha product, those fingertips are pretty
You guys should both just get Venmo. Would solve all of your problems.Despite their advertising that seems to have annoyed everyone in NYC and the stupid social element (which you can disable), their service is actually very good. Far better than the other things I have seen (especially better than Chase ShitPay), and no transaction fees between linked bank accounts. They must make money on the float and on fees for people who pay with CC.
Go for it. At least they are anachronistic collectables (I mean...really? fighting with swords in WW2?) and not some goofy fantasy replicas. May not be everyone's style but they are not gonna send creepy vibes.
eBay sellers who turn on "Make an Offer" and then set it to automatically decline all offers, even those that are pretty close to their sale price. Especially when they are auto-refusing offers that are above the price other ebayers are selling the exact same item for... I wanted to buy from this guy because the shipping would be a lot faster than from the other sellers (due to the item's location, not because they were including overnight shipping in the cost or...
Fruity Pebbles were also on sale.Cracklin Oat Bran was not...although Protein Cheerios were (and I have recently taking a liking to Protein Cheerios)
You should go to target. I was there last night and they were running a big sale on children's cereal...most types were on sale, and you got a $5 gift card for buying any 5 boxes. I did not pick up any Lucky Charms, but I did retrieve several other favorites including Cap'n Crunch, Reeses Puffs, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
I thought it was kind of mediocre. I mean, it was a good sandwich, but it is pretty out of the way and was kind of expensive. Do they still have lines at prime times? Because it is definitely not worth a line. If it were within walking distance, I might eat there more often, but if I gotta go further, I would prefer to go for the sandwich at crisp or even at chick-fil-a (which lacks the accoutrements but makes a juicier piece of fried chicken) Did like the small corn...
Although I keep having this irrational desire to buy a bigger boat. Basically I want something with a lot of cockpit space but enough of a cabin that people can throw their bags down there and girls can pee in private (and keep the v-berth pads so there is just enough room to drop anchor and get it on). Should be a fun boat and one that has some one design racing out there *somewhere* (in case I ever want to trailer it to an event), but I am perfectly fine racing on...
Huh? No, it was just the two of us. My usual crew was both injured and out of town.I can do 3 in the boat for casual sailing in medium wind without much chop, especially if they are smaller girls (3 of me would be pretty cramped). It isn't like drifting around on a 40' cruiser, but we had a good time watching the blue angels during the air show two weekends ago with 3 people, a few beers, and some snacks.
Do you have alternative dehumidification? A properly sized AC should take a bit of time, since you generally want the humidity taken out along with the heat. If you cool too fast, the AC won't be on long enough to dehumidify the place.
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