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Did someone say facts? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/10/10/fact-checking-the-second-clinton-trump-presidential-debate/ lol at all of the quotes from trump defending Bill's womanizing...
Silly rabbit, you don't have to answer the people's questions to win the debate!
Considering there was no evidence that the security of the computer in question was breached...what's the point again?
I suppose I mean it more in the sense of, if I am bothering with the effort and travel time of going to Fiji, why am I doing it to just stay within the confines of some resort filled with familiar food and amenities. Obviously there are plenty of people who want that sort of vacation...but for me, that sort of need would be much better met with something like a lake cabin/cottage that's within a 2 hour drive and just offers simplicity and familiarity. Any more effort...
I mean, trump's an old man too...he yearned for that stool.
Is winning the debate defined as spending more time with your mouth open blabbering about shit? Because by that metric he won. I'd say he certainly performed better than the last debate, but he still acted like a toddler so I am not sure if it counts as an outright victory.
Yeah...pretty sure that server predates google apps... Back in the day, someone paying to have their own tech person might end up with some wonky solution like that.
Eh, I sat on one. I want to like it, but those bonne style bikes make a tailbone injury uncomfortable. Would totally test ride one, but it's probably just not the ergos for me.
Fuck all this email shit. Do you know how subpoenas work? Do you know what the data destruction policy is? Have any investigations not come up clean? How is this shit still a major part of a debate when it is clear that zero new information can be provided.
Plenty of ways to travel without spending all of your money. I pay more taxes than my gf has ever made... And she's traveled all over the damn world.But dunno... By Ethan's definition, I don't care that much about vacations (unless there is some other element that makes them special), but very much enjoy travel. I want the goal to be about the experience. Whether it be skiing, eating sweet food, climbing rocks, or touring cultural institutions.If the goal is just...
New Posts  All Forums: