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Don't think the Thenns were cannibals in the books. Just badasses. They are from super far north and consider themselves to be descendants of the first men. They only speak the old language. In the book I believe Jon climbed the wall with the Thenns--so they would have been together the whole time. I don't think they showed as much antagonism towards the other wildlings either. They were good fighters and more disciplined and well equipped than Mance's people. Mance...
We have a conference room with the pollock chairs and I'm not a huge fan. Maybe they need some adjustment, but I don't find them well suited to the task of sitting around a conference table. I much prefer the conference room that has Eames Aluminum Group (soft pad) chairs. Although the leather on those chairs is failing pretty badly...can't tell if it is because herman miller didn't use great leather on them, or if it is because they have lived through many many years...
He decided he would rather act in a new Transporter movie where he will play a young Jason Statham...
Don't think you need to spoiler that.She really was impressed...although I can't remember if I am missing something. Who was left believing that Brienne killed Renly? Margaery didn't seem to bear her any ill will. Would her father (Mace) have been someone who thought that she killed Renly and ran off with Cat?
just flip the whole thing over and roll it around like a giant mouse.The ball is bigger for more precision!
That statue was hilarious. Probably couldn't actually kill a wild boar all by himself either...
Arya is the best Took the zimbio game of thrones quiz (which is actually quite well done and everyone in this thread should go take it and report their results) and I got her. Couldn't be happier.
I doubt they want to have a boring premiere...but looking at past seasons, I don't think they like to blow their load during foreplay.
Well...that's because nothing has happened yet.There will probably be plenty of discussion once it actually airs.
Thread needs pics of this apartment I want to see what I am missing out on by living in a big city (you don't want to see where our state government employees live!)
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