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Saw A Most Violent Year Thought it was solid. For a 2 hour movie, it felt longer, but I believe the slow pacing was intentional as a filmmaking device to make you feel for the Oscar Isaac's refusal to take the fast solution to his problems. Actually snuck into it after watching all of the oscar nominated live action shorts. No huge standouts for me, I suspect Phone Call will win, or possibly Butter Lamp.
My rollers take up less space folded up than most decent resistance trainers. The TacX are a little bigger, but I suspect they would still fit under a bed or not have much more footprint against a wall than that that Cycleops or the small Kurt Kinetic. And yeah, if you are going for skills rather than just fitness, the rollers are better. Let me know when you can do no-hands single-foot rollers like the last couple minutes of this video: I don't find myself lacking for...
I didn't find it very difficult to start riding on them. I have a set of Minoura Action Roller Advance which are a 14-15" or so drum and I have never had any issue staying on them. Start doing it next to a counter/dresser/stool or some other surface you can grab on to. I have gone off the edge once or twice when distracted, but you come to an immediate stop (its not like you all of the sudden roll across your apartment). You might have a bit of trouble starting out...
To be fair, the characters involved in this salad tossing incident were not in a proper relationship and were in fact trainwrecks.So it seems pretty legit if your trainwreck friends are identifying with them.Also, this season is beyond terrible (except for seeing a bit more of Brian Williams' daughter while her salad was being tossed).
Are there also a bunch of "who the fuck is beck" tweets this year?
Huh?If you do shitty work, you get fired.If your work breaks you so you can't work anymore, you get paid out.Sounds like a better version of what everybody else in the world gets (since disability is usually only a fraction of your full salary).
I thought Taylor Swift wrote some of her early stuff before she realized that letting Max Martin do it all for you is the ticket to the big bucks.
Just had side by side aeropress... One made by the GF, one made by me. The difference was surprisingly substantial. Both staiyed with 17g of beans, but She didn't stir and probably steeped a bit too long. I stirred and then topped off the water when the bloom died down and then didn't steep as long. Her cup was flat/muddled and a bit bitter, mine was a bit thinner, but had clean flavors and was much better. I don't usually get to taste side by side... I think I will use...
FWIW, I have replaced faucets in rentals (where I have zero chance of recouping my investment). For something you use multiple times a day, usability is a better consideration than getting your money back when you sell (and the buyer will probably hate your choice and replace your thousand dollar faucet with a home depot special)
Looks neat, although I am always a little leery of early-access games. Wonder if it will have controller support...I have been playing far more games lately on my HTPC with an xbox controller than I have been with my desktop with keyboard and mouse.
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